Highly reduced CO₂ emissions

Buildings account for 36% of greenhouse gas emissions, and the demands for energy efficient buildings are increasing rapidly. But there is a solution.

With Egain, carbon dioxide emissions are sharply reduced from day one and energy consumption is on average reduced by 12 kWh / m2 while the indoor climate is more balanced for the residents.

Find out how Egain can help you decrease your CO2 emissions!

More efficient energy management

Energy management and time consuming customer cases can be expensive. With Egain installed, you get lower maintenance costs, fewer failures, and a reduced number of customer complaints associated with malfunctions. This is thanks to real-time measurement at a distance and full control of the property by its sub-station.

10-20% lower heating costs and better indoor climate

A good indoor climate can cause unnecessarily high heating costs if you do not check the energy consumption. Not with Egain. Thanks to the proactive and self-learning system, indoor temperature and humidity can be maintained at a very stable level. This means a comfortable and healthier indoor environment for the residents, while the heating costs are reduced by 10-20% on average.

ROI in less than one year

Initial investments in energy efficiency measures in real estate are often high. Unlike the solutions other actors in the field offer, Egain is easily applied to all existing control systems without costly reprogramming. This means low installation costs, while the ongoing optimization of energy use allows the investment to often be paid off in full within less than a year.

Lower costs for expensive peak heat loads

A clear trend is that a large part of annual energy costs are more and more linked to the extra fees for unpredictable fluctuations in energy usage that are charged by the energy companies. With Egain Edge, you can work proactively and avoid peak heat loads while maintaining indoor comfort. As a result, the charges, which in some cases may amount to up to 50% of the total energy cost, can be significantly reduced.

Support from energy experts

Sometimes it may be good to have the opportunity to discuss energy and operating issues with other savvy. Our experienced energy experts, in addition to acting advisory, can also help with continuous energy analysis of your properties, provide detailed reports in Egain Edge and are available for customization and support.

Hardware independent

Have you already invested in sensors and other hardware for energy efficiency? No problem. Egain is compatible with the vast majority of existing indoor sensors on the market. Through simple updates to existing systems, you get a share of all of Egain’s benefits and can further increase efficiency without having to invest in new hardware.

Years of experience

With Egain, your housing company will not be a guinea-pig for a start-up. We started in 2003 and have since then optimized more than 250,000 apartments in 11 countries and are responsible for heat management in more than 16 million m2 of living space. With Egain, you know what you get.

Start lowering your CO2 emissions and energy consumption now!

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Great! You are only 15 seconds away from requesting a free demo together with one of our experts.


Book demo

Great! You are only 15 seconds away from requesting a free demo together with one of our experts.


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