Privacy policy

Please note (1) that these policies apply to and not the services, Egain Edge, Egain Sense etc, which is promoted on Please note (2) that these policies might be changed at any time. If you are concerned about your privacy at this website, please check this page regularly to make sure that you comply with any new policies that might have been applied.

1. About Cookies

A cookie is a small text file a website saves on a user’s computer. The text file contains data the website may use when the visitor returns to the website. may use cookies to collect and use data from its visitors in the manners explained below.

2. Data may collect from its visitors

Information about the visit (page views, time, ip, geo-location, browser, referring url etc.)
Information provided by the user in any of the websites forms

3. What may use data from its visitors for

  • For website statistics
  • To personalize the website when a visitor returns (e.g. language preference, customizations)
  • For marketing purposes (e.g. retargeting ads, email campaigns)

4. Opting out options

If you do not wish, or one of the services we use, to collect any information about your visit you may enable the ”Block cookies from third parties and advertisers” option in your web browser settings. This will still allow some ”non-tracking” cookies to be stored on your computer, such as language preferences. You may also disable cookies altogether in your browser settings. This will, however, limit your web browsing experience and even stop some web services from working, including Egain Edge.

5. Contact

If you have any questions regarding your privacy at, please do not hesitate to contact us.