Property Technology March 2, 2018

Full speed ahead in 2018

I am approaching one year as CEO of the Egain Group. It’s truly inspirational to work for a company with so much talent and ambition to deliver on our purpose to put a stop to energy and efficiency waste in residential buildings.

The key reason why I joined Egain, apart from having the privilege to guide a leading SaaS technology company towards growth and expansion, is my growing passion for sustainable business. Last year, all the world’s nations combined pumped nearly 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air – It’s clear that we can’t continue this route. We must hand over a better planet to the next generation.

Building a sustainable company and business

Egain is run with sustainability at its core. We are owned by Summa Equity, a company that was brought together by a shared view of the world and the economy, and a passion for developing companies that can outperform through providing products and services needed to meet the increasing demands and complexities our societies face.
Looking in the rear mirror, I’m really excited about the development at Egain during 2017 as we are looking at record sales in many of our countries and in the end of the year we will have increased the number of employees with more than 40%.

We have launched a new company profile and a new major version of our leading AI cloud service Egain Edge and a new IoT platform. We have sharpened our go-to-market strategies, packaging and pricing. Not talking about all the internal plumbing that goes on at the same time.
The team is doing an excellent job and with all this tailwind, it certainly looks promising.

Sharing our knowledge with the world

As I mentioned before, Egain is full of talented and skilled people. We possess vast amount of knowledge in the property management and energy efficiency field. We meet and talk to clients every day all over Europe and we advise them on matters related to their operations.
But we don’t want to stop there, we want to share this knowledge with everyone. We want to invite to dialogue and debate on how we together can shape a better future. One of the tools is this blog where we will post content on a regular basis.

Key focus is on the following areas:

    • Energy efficiency
    • Smart cities and buildings
    • Property management and technology
    • Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

We will also provide whitepapers and other types of content where you can learn how to become more successful and make your buildings efficient and sustainable.

I would like to thank the amazing people at Egain, our partners and most of all our fantastic clients around the world. Thank you for your trust in us. We’ll continue to work hard to keep it.



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