Egain Product Lifecycle Policy

Egain Product Lifecycle Policy

Making sure that your Egain system is running as smoothly as possible is critical both for your organization and for us as a solution provider. At Egain, we provide an enterprise solution that is active every hour of the day – all year round. Minimum downtime and availability to the users are fundamental when it comes to providing value.

This policy aims to describe and define the processes of End of Life (EOL), ensuring that we have professional product support at the end of and after the product lifecycle.

At Egain, we continuously develop and enhance our cloud platform and hardware offering. The fast-paced innovation rate within the IoT world lets us design new functionality into our hardware setup to make sure that we are not only in the front of technology but leading it. At the same time, new technology means that old technology might turn obsolete.

This means that Egain follows the development carefully in order to supply exceptional, sustainable, and high-quality hardware with a well-defined product life cycle.

The development is, not only happening at Egain. Our subcontractors, working with communication solutions and electronic components, are also investing in development, which means the interoperability always needs to be considered when working with a product’s lifetime.

The cost to maintain, support, refurbish, and distribute products increases with a broader product line. Egain will release hardware, software maintenance releases or bug fixes to the software during a given window of time until End of Life (EOL) for the product or service, purchased by the end-user.

The hardware policy is as follows:

  • Egain will give a 6 months’ EOL notice. Once passed, a product or service will no longer be available for purchase.
  • Egain will give service during the warranty period of the product.

With regards to Embedded Software, Egain will perform free firmware service during the warranty period of the product. For all new Embedded Software upgrades, Egain reserves the right to charge a fee for the upgrade.

End of Service Life (EOSL) Indicates that all types of support for the product will no longer be offered. It is possible, at a cost, to prolong the EOSL for hardware that has surpassed the EOL by purchasing extended support for selected products.

Support and Maintenance for Software: For you to receive support and maintenance during the EOL transition period, or the extended EOSL period, you will need to have an active subscription contract with Egain for the building that needs support and maintenance.

For questions regarding our policy please reach out to your Egain contact or

EOL products

Product​Release date​Replacement
(End of Life) 
Reason​Last time
buy date
(End of
service life)​
Extended support 
Climate logger​01/09/2009​Sense series​01/10/2019​Replacement​12/31/2019​12/31/2020​
G2​01/05/2016​G3X *​12/31/2019​Replacement​12/31/2018​12/31/2022​
907​01/02/2018​908/X *​07/01/2019​Replacement​07/01/2017​12/31/2026​X​
R3​01/06/2017​R4 *​12/31/2018​Replacement​12/31/2018​12/31/2022​X​
T2​01/09/2013​T1 *​12/31/2017​Replacement​12/31/2017​12/31/2020​

*Current products

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