Self-learning energy optimization

Although we focus heavily on people and those who live in Egain-connected properties, we are basically a technology company. The heart of our business is innovative technology. Through artificial intelligence and advanced cloud solutions, we ensure the best possible energy efficiency, while modern encryption features and secure protocols ensure that all data is properly protected.

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Artificial intelligence

The future is here

Our self-learning, cloud-based software processes over 6 million data points every day and has billions of metrics from different properties in the database to constantly analyze. A total sum of information that is constantly increasing. The core of the software is an algorithm that is continuously refined and streamlined. The more data the algorithm analyzes, the more it learns how the specific property behaves and is influenced by various internal and external factors. The software thus becomes more intelligent for each day and the system’s accuracy is constantly improving. This is artificial intelligence for real.

Safe operation and system monitoring

Safe operation around the clock

It is imperative for us that all information is handled in a completely reliable manner. We have therefore invested considerable resources in developing a stable and secure system. With Egain, no data is lost. All software is updated continuously and all information is backed up at least once per hour. In addition, all data communication is conducted separately over mobile networks instead of in the existing property networks. This ensures maximum safety and optimal operation twenty-four seven.

Cloud Infrastructure Technology

Security - Technology

Security infrastructure

Maximum Security

The information retrieved by the system is stored on virtual servers with constant monitoring of both functionality and performance. Information is encrypted with unique keys to ensure that no unauthorized person can access it. This means maximum security for you as a customer. A Standard License Agreement (SLA) guarantees system availability, and all data is stored in a data storage system with high reliability, availability and performance based on Storage Area Network (SAN). Data storage is replicated between different storage systems in separate high security computer halls, with redundant Internet-connections, uninterruptible power supply, backup power, climate control, fire protection as well as access control. It also includes advanced functionality like snapshot, tiered storage, deduplication and server cluster support.

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