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Egain Edge is constantly evolving. The better knowledge you as a customer has about the platform, the higher the value you can bring to yourself and to your organization.

Immerse yourself and your knowledge in Egain Edge and learn from our experts. Here, at the Learning Center, we present clear material and resources regarding our services and functions. We go through best practices, tips, and tricks on how to get the most out of Edge in the form of videos, product sheets, and invitations.

Learning webinars

Energy Target Webinar

Set clear energy goals for your properties and work proactively and structured to achieve them We are pleased to now launch the latest result of our development work – Energy Target! An invaluable tool for you who wants to plan, evaluate, and analyze what measures will take you to your environmental and energy-saving goals. The function gives you help along the way both for specific buildings and also for your entire stock.


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Upcoming events

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Recorded webinars

Webinar, 60 minutes. Data-driven energy management – Three ways to use your data for real use(SE)

Many property owners today have successfully started to connect their buildings and started collecting data through new digital systems and solutions. However, there is a great deal of uncertainty about how to take care of, structure and create benefit from one’s data, for example in the form of insights about individual buildings or entire portfolios. This webinar is organized by the three companies Egain Group, Metry, and Envista who share their best tips on how you as a property owner get real benefit from your digitization. Webinar i Swedish

Metry – ”Collect, quality assure and structure all your data”​ – Joel Torkelsson​
Envista – ”Benchmarking that strengthens your strategic energy work”​ – Teodor Hovenberg​
Egain – ”Connect, digitize and optimize towards you energy goals”​ – Martin Eksberg


Product info

Service packaging

Egain Edge Gold
With Egain Edge Gold, you get all the benefits of Bronze and Silver with the addition of even further tools within energy optimization and analytics.

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Egain Edge Silver
With the help of Egains IoT(Internet of Things) solution, you can digitize and connect your property through a quick installation of an Edge Hub and wireless indoor sensors.

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Egain Edge Bronze
Collect and access your building data anytime anywhere by connecting your consumption data with our cloud-based Egain Edge platform.

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Add On Services

API Connect
With Egain’s API Connect you are able to import or export data to and from Edge. The service for example makes it very easy for you to import temperature and humidity data from a third party supplier into Egain Edge.

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Peak Control
Cold days with high energy demand results in a higher energy fee for the property owner due to expensive peak fees. With Egains smart Add On Peak Control, you can avoid these high costs in an intelligent way without comprising the indoor climate.

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Building Connectivity
With Building Connectivity you get access to a vast amount of various types of data, depending on what you decide to measure in your building. With seamless integration to Egain Edge you can access the Connected Equipment module and start to create your own analytics.

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Energy Target
With the smart Add On service Energy Target you get an invaluable tool for decision making and to analyze what type of renovations you should focus on for your specific property, based on investment cost, return, potential savings, and several other factors.

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White papers

4 trends that shapes the future of residential buildings

We live in a fast paced and changing world where digital disruption is now also entering the property market. Being able to harness the new opportunities is imperative. At the same time being able to run a sustainable business is more important than ever.

Read up on the 4 mega trends!

3 waves of innovation that reshape the future of residential property management

Energy efficiency is key to ensure a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system for the future. It is the hidden abundance in every energy resource that each country possesses that holds the secret to the quickest, most cost-efficient way of addressing energy security, environmental and economic challenges in the future.

Learn more about the 3 waves of innovation!

ESG Report Egain Group

This white paper aims to explain a bit more in detail the SDGs and their impact on businesses. In particular how new opportunities arise with sustainability at the core. We will also explore Egain’s view on sustainability and what we do every day to contribute to a better planet for the future.

Find out how we help our customers to become sustainable

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Yes, I want a demo!

Awesome that you’re interested in booking a free demo together with one of our experts. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.


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