Intelligent energy optimization with IoT

IoT provides you with real-time, data-driven information about your building. When you know more about external influences and human behavior, we can create more accurate temperature adjustments and increase your energy efficiency.

At Egain, we have been developing IoT services since our company was founded in 2003. Our technology is well-proven, reliable and constantly evolving to stay at the forefront.

Edge Hub - Internet of things

Edge Hub

Edge Hub replaces traditional outdoor temperature sensors. It receives climate and temperature data as well as advanced energy calculations for the specific property and connects the property to the AI ​​engine in Egain Edge. Edge Hub sends information to the sub-station that serves as a base for continuous control allowing for optimal energy use and a perfect indoor climate.


Sense is what we call our wireless sensors that are placed in the property. The sensors are located in the apartments as well as in the sub-station. The sensors measure and distribute information about temperature and humidity levels in all apartments, as well as flow and return-temperature in the heating system in the sub-station. Something they do several times every hour, twenty-four seven.

If sensors and control systems from other vendors are already installed in the property, these can be used to further optimize energy use and indoor climate by linking to Egain Edge. Egain Edge is compatible with most third-party sensors on the market.

Sensor - Internet of things


Ecosystem - Internet of things


Egain’s ecosystem consists of a leading IoT platform that is linked to cloud-based AI software. All data retrieved and loaded by the hardware is processed by the software’s self-learning algorithms, along with other external data. This optimizes your energy usage proactively and continuously. The technology is advanced but very easy to apply and use. The installation only takes a couple of hours and is compatible with most other heating systems and sensors on the market. Linking your system with Egain’s ecosystem significantly increases the life of your existing heating system. As a property owner you save 10-20% of your heating costs, the residents get a better indoor climate and the planet eliminates unnecessary CO2 emissions. Everybody wins.

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