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Effective Real-time Measurement

Egain Edge gives you full control of your property’s indoor climate through feedback and visualization of data from sensors located in the property. In addition to reduced energy consumption, this leads to more efficient energy management and better control of your property, allowing you to proactively detect and correct any errors before they occur.

Metering Egain Edge

Visualization Egain Edge


A powerful tool

With Egain Edge, you get the market’s most complete cloud service. You will get an intuitive three-dimensional real-time overview of your building, where you can see patterns, trends, and discover deviations in the property. It will also be easy to control, analyze and compile central reports. Egain Edge provides full control of your energy use and indoor climate at a distance, which leads to a more efficient and simple energy management.


Full Control

Egain Edge collects and analyzes large amounts of data from your connected properties. You get visual presentations that are user-friendly of what you as a user should consider to optimize energy consumption today. This enables you to analyze the energy efficiency of your properties at any time, and identify and prioritize corrective measures instantly.

Analytics Egain Edge

Analytics Egain Edge

Reports Egain Edge


Professional Follow-up

With Egain Edge it is easy to make detailed follow-up reports that give a break down on all properties that are connected to the system. The reports compile energy, economy and CO2 savings broken down on an individual property basis and can be used by those who work with operations, finance and environmental projects linked to properties.

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Self-Learning Energy Optimization

Egain Edge handles over 6 million data points each day. The information processed by our self-learning AI engine, optimizes energy supply and indoor climate around the clock, all year round. The algorithm takes into account a variety of parameters such as the building’s physical characteristics, geographical position, today’s and tomorrow’s local weather as well as human behavior. Because the algorithm is self-learning, it is continuously updated with more data from your property. This continuous improvement and learning makes the optimization even more efficient over time.

Optimization Egain Edge

Optimization Egain Edge

Peak Control Egain Edge

Peak Control

Reduces costly energy charges

Fees for peak heat loads have become increasingly common amongst tariff models used by district heating companies. This means that cold days with high energy demand results in a higher fee for the property owner due to expensive peak fees. Today these type of fees can be as much as half of the total heating cost. This creates economic uncertainty as you can’t predict the size of the fee in advance.

With Egain Edge Peak control, property owners are able to intelligently reduce the peak heat load and energy charges without compromising the indoor climate.

* Peak Control is made available to customers with Egain Edge Gold or Platinum.


Intelligent property monitoring

Edrive is a feature in Egain Edge that automatically monitors various critical systems in your property. Should Edrive discover something that falls outside the set guidelines and which requires action, the system will automatically let you know so you can choose an appropriate action.

* Edrive is made available to customers with Egain Edge Platinum.

Energy Target

Helps you reach your energy goals

With Energy Target you get an invaluable independant tool for decision-making and to analyze what kind of renovations you should focus on for your specific property, based on investment cost, return, potential savings and several other factors.

You can set the target for your energy and environmental work and see what kind of action will take you there at best way!

*Energy Target is made available to customers with Egain Edge Platinum.

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