News January 12, 2022

Studentbostäder i Norden AB invests in the open and flexible SCADA system Web Port for increased focus on sustainability

Studentbostäder i Norden AB (SBS) has a property portfolio of over 4 500 student residences with a property value of SEK 5,4 billion and a project portfolio of approximately 2,900 student residences in 15 university-related locations around the Nordic region. As part of an increased focus on sustainability, where technical management, operation, and optimization are a central part, several buildings are now connected to the SCADA platform Web Port. The use of the platform provides SBS with insights, control, and smart energy optimization to create opportunities for further investments in line with the company’s sustainability strategy.

Moldeo AB and it’s product Web Port is a sister company to Egain Group, within Kiona.

Magnus Jägre, SBS

Through SBS’s active sustainability work, the company’s properties will be connected to the Web Port SCADA platform, which carries out ongoing optimization, analysis, and controls. The platform lays the foundation for other additional smart sustainability features to be added. The project will be an important piece of the puzzle in SBS’s strategic work towards achieving the company’s overall sustainability goals.

Web Port is a SCADA system for real-time monitoring and control of building automation, building automation and infrastructure processes. The platform can be used in all types

of buildings and enables easy visualization, monitoring, and management of building control systems. It also enables the SCADA system to visualize installations made in connection with a property, such as charging posts, solar cells, ventilation, heating, cooling and more, allowing control and analysis.

Web Port is delivered by Moldeo AB, which since May 2021 is part of the proptech group Kiona with a total of 55,000 connected buildings. The focus of Kiona’s products and services is on openness and flexibility for the user and in creating opportunities for further development of smart functions and projects, connected to its customers’ technical digital systems and platforms.

-“SBS has set a clear strategy with major investments in sustainability, where we can use Web Port to manage our properties in an optimal way for reduced CO2 emissions and better indoor climate. With Web Port as an open and flexible platform, it gives us good opportunities for further development and investments in products that further contribute to our sustainability work”, says Magnus Jägre, Sustainability and Innovation Manager at Studentbostäder i Norden AB

Joakim Nilén, CEO of Moldeo AB, comments on the new cooperation:

Joakim Nilen, Moldeo

-“From our side, we are pleased to note a continued great interest in Web Port in the market, and fantastic to start up this project with SBS where we together lay a good technical foundation for SBS to stand on in its further work with its sustainability It’s also great to be able to deliver our platform as part of a sustainability project, which fits well with Kiona’s vision of offering open and flexible solutions to make real estate part of the solution to combat climate change”, comments Joakim Nilén.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Joakim Nilén, CEO, Moldeo AB, 070 402 67 98,
Magnus Jägre, Sustainability/Innovation Manager, Studentbostäder i Norden AB, 560072 68 76,

About Studentbostäder i Norden AB
SBS owns, manages, and develops student housing in long-term partnerships with municipalities, regions, and higher education institutions. We offer high quality, affordable student accommodation and fully digitalised rental management. Our ambition is to become the leading student housing company in the Nordic region and the obvious choice for students on their way to their dream job.

About Moldeo AB
Founded in 2009, Moldeo is an innovative provider of control system visualization software, primarily focused on building automation. Their flagship product, Web Port, scales from HMI to SCADA with a broad set of features that balance ease of use and flexibility. Through the partner network covering most of Sweden, over 4,000 installations have been delivered. A Web Port solution ranges from a single system to thousands of connected controllers. Web Port offers transparency both in terms of supported control systems and access to data.

Moldeo AB and the product Web Port are since May 2021 part of the newly formed Kiona Group together with IWMAC A/S, Cebyc A/S and Egain Group. Read more about Kiona at


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