News March 3, 2020

Sollentunahem AB is awarded the Egain Sustainable City Award!

At Egain, we work every day to help achieve the goals of sustainable development presented by the UN and signed by over 130 countries. Buildings account for 41% of Europe’s energy use and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, urbanization puts even more pressure on cities’ ability to meet people’s needs.

We believe that the road to success goes through the smart city and wants to highlight companies and organizations that contribute to the goals. There is no quick answer. Creating a better future is something we must do together. Therefore, we choose to highlight good examples where one has actively chosen to be part of the solution. One way we have chosen to do this is through the Egain Sustainable City Award.

As a prize, Egain plants 50 trees in the winner’s name and submits a diploma as proof of successful work. The tree planting is done in collaboration with the organization Vi Skogen.

Recipient of the Egain Sustainable City Award – Sollentunahem AB!

Sollentunahem AB has participated with good results in Sweden’s Allmännyttas Skåneinitiativ and in addition, adopted the challenge with the subsequent Climate Initiative in the same spirit. Sollentunahem AB continues to drive social development and contributes as an important specifier in the creation of Sollentuna Municipality’s new energy plan where Sollentunahem will not settle with Sweden’s overall goal of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. This high level of ambition both historically, today and in the future makes Sollentunahem AB in an exemplary way contributing to a more sustainable city.


A big congratulation from all of us at Egain!

Lars-Göran Andersson, Head of Operations at Sollentunahem comments:

Since Sollentunahem joined the Swedish Allmännyttas call The Skåne initiative we have tried to take our share of the responsibility for a reduced climate impact. We are now continuing this work by participating in the continuation of the Skåne Initiative – The Climate Initiative and through that, we are an actor in Sollentuna Municipality’s work to develop an energy plan that will ensure our energy supply and clarify what is needed to achieve the energy and climate goals that have been decided, national as well as for our municipality. It is necessary that we all work together between the municipality, housing companies, suppliers and, above all, our municipal citizens if we are to create a world where our descendants can have a good future.

All employees at Sollentunahem are honored to now receive the Egain Sustainable City Award as a receipt for us doing the right things. We will continue our work to do what we can to reduce climate impact together with our partners.

Lars-Göran Andersson, Johan Stranneryd & Filip Egeborg, Sollentunahem

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