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Open and scalable solutions enable future proptech platform as Web Port and Egain collaborate

Öppna och skalbara proptech-lösningar möjliggör framtidens proptechplattform när Web Port och Egain samarbetar.
Jon Åkerström, CPO på Kiona

Following a merger between IWMAC and Egain in early March, the new group, Kiona, with operations in eight countries, has begun its journey towards becoming Europe’s leading proptech company. The strategy is to grow both organically and by acquiring more companies with complementary products that add customer value. And in early May, it acquired Moldeo, which developed the Web Port product.

Jon Åkerström, CPO at Kiona and responsible for the products’ long-term strategy within the new Kiona group, has been involved in the entire process of acquiring Moldeo and he says that there are many advantages to Web Port now being added to the new group, not least for customers on both sides.

As a result, it can now offer both new and existing customers a completely seamless platform that opens up the possibility of gaining control over the entire property portfolio, regardless of the technology already in place.

Flexible and scalable

End customers will be able to buy all or selected parts of the system based on their own needs or circumstances. You can either choose to buy Web Port only as a stand-alone solution, as before, or to combine the systems to achieve a platform that seamlessly works with everything from smart analytics and automated energy optimization at the portfolio level down to the most technically operational level of a building. Jon Åkerström believes that property owners, managers, technicians, and digitalization managers will have more opportunities than they already have today.

– “Now we can offer more open and scalable ways to optimize. In addition, with joint development efforts between the companies, we will be able to collect more data and thus develop new smart solutions that we can offer to customers and partners,” he says.

Following the merger of Egain, IWMAC, Moldeo, and Cebyc and the formation of the Kiona Group, the companies together have 35,000 properties that can eventually be offered a complete solution.

– “If we can optimize all these properties, it will quickly have a positive climate effect,” says Jon. Every percent is a big saving.”

Open and independent

Because Web Port is not vendor-locked, it opens the door for property owners to have total control over their entire property portfolio, regardless of what hardware is there today. It will also allow Kiona to broaden its offering and also attract new customers and partners in the market.

– “Control companies, developers, and system integrators can use and call the system via API and build smart solutions without having to start from scratch and without vendor lock-in. In addition to offering end-user solutions, together with Web Port, we are now opening up for other parties to use the functions and systems from all the companies. The more people who connect to and use the product, the more likely we are to achieve our sustainability goals,” says Jon.

Web Port scales from HMI to SCADA with a broad set of features that balance ease of use and flexibility. Through the partner network covering most of Sweden, 4,000 installations have been delivered. A Web Port solution ranges from a single system to thousands of connected controllers, allowing you to remotely control and make technical adjustments via live images of your building regardless of the technology in the building.

For example, Egain Edge and Web Port can be combined to form a hardware-independent software platform for analyzing, controlling, and monitoring the property. For example, if there is an imbalance in the heating system, Web Port allows you to change and adjust the settings of the equipment without having to be physically on-site.

Via Web Port, data is collected to Edge where it is analyzed, optimized, and controlled via AI. This allows property owners who have multiple buildings with different technical solutions to still have control and be able to centrally optimize the energy of their entire stock.

– “There are many synergies. For example, Web Port users now have the possibility to automatically override Web Port and fully software-enable the smart AI-based control algorithm from Edge on their heating system. This enables a software-only solution for customers who already use Web Port but want a more holistic solution. At the touch of a button, they can access different sensors and optimize the energy efficiency of the heating system to achieve the best indoor climate, without having to install any new hardware. It creates a smart interaction between both products and different professional roles in one platform,” Jon continues.

To cut power peaks in smart cities

Jon and many others see that the smart city and developments in the community, for example through the increased use of charging stations for electric cars or the installation of geothermal heat pumps, are accelerating electrification, which can create “stress” on the electricity grid and can contribute to both power shortages and higher costs in the form of power peaks.

– “It’s about being able to measure and analyze data to prevent power peaks, but also to know when to buy and when to use the electricity and district heating used in a building. As electricity and district heating prices become increasingly complex tariff models to counteract the problem, collected data can help save both money and the environment,” he continues.

But it’s not just property companies that benefit from being able to analyze and optimize energy consumption.

– “We already have several energy companies as customers and we see that there will be even more. We need to work together to bring down the cost for both end customers and energy companies through more predictable production and grid load,” Jon says.

Kiona’s goal is to contribute to the climate goals by optimizing the energy performance of buildings, which account for around 36% of carbon dioxide emissions.

– “Today there is a lot of attention on new buildings. So it’s more about taking care of and optimizing, the existing stock that will be around for another 40 – 50 years. That will be crucial to achieving the goals”, concludes Jon

About Kiona
Kiona is a leading SaaS company with the vision to make a big impact in the fight against climate change by offering the smartest and most cost-effective proptech platform on the market. The company enables building owners and other stakeholders to achieve their financial and sustainability goals through the digitalization of new and old buildings and their heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. With offices in seven countries and 136 colleagues, Kiona currently connects over 33,000 commercial, industrial, residential, and public buildings and 3,000 grocery stores in Europe. Through an innovative platform that monitors, controls, and optimizes both energy use and organizations, Europe’s existing buildings can now become part of the solution for the future.

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