Product News December 16, 2021

Now we are releasing another standard report in Edge Insights – The Impact of AI Steering Report!

We are now launching another standard report in our analysis and reporting platform Edge Insights! With the launch of Edge Insights, we unveiled two standard reports that are available to all users, the Consumption Report and the Property Management Report.

Now it’s time for the launch of another standard report – The Impact of AI-Steering Report!

The Impact of AI-Steering Report – “A detailed view of the impact of AI optimization at building level”

The purpose of the Impact of AI-Steering Report is to provide you, the Edge user, with a transparent value around the impact that Edge’s control algorithms are delivering to your properties so that you can easily analyze the value of your investment made in relation to other measures.

The Impact of AI-Steering Report provides you with real-time and ongoing information on how the proactive AI algorithms are actively working, with associated data 12 months back, which is reported from day to day. You can easily see how much of a building’s total energy savings can be attributed to AI optimization, and you can share your insights with the rest of your organization by downloading the report as a PDF or sending it as a link to a colleague.

– “The Impact of AI Steering Report gives you a transparent metric that helps you see how our AI is impacting your overall energy use,” says Raghunath Vairamuthu, Data Scientist at Egain

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The report is compiled through calculations based on data from your properties and presents a comparison between Edge AI-steering and traditional steering based on the outdoor temperature. It gives you a measure of how much energy has been saved with the proactive AI optimization through Edge.

The Impact of AI-Steering Report is structured in two parts with a simpler and more overlooking dashboard on the overall impact across the seasons and a more detailed part presenting data down to daily level values. Here you can see, for example, how and when the AI actively adjusted the control for each building depending on factors such as indoor climate verification and external weather influences. In this part of the report, you can also see which days the climate-adapted control saved energy, but also if there are days where extra energy was added to keep indoor comfort at the desired level.

Get a 1,5-minute tutorial from Viktor Gotting Wernersson, Customer Success Specialist at Egain, who explains the basics of the new Impact of AI-Steering Report in Edge Insights.

Download a sample report

Edge Insights gives you a tool to understand how your buildings are performing. You can then use this information to improve both the performance of your building and portfolio, as well as to improve your tenants’ satisfaction so that their expectations and needs are met. As a result, you can improve your organization’s performance. Edge Insights helps professionals make accurate, informed, and data-driven decisions about their properties.

And that’s just the beginning. We will continue to invest in the next generation of Edge to help you grow and increase the return on your investment over the long term.

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