Press release March 30, 2021

Newly merged IWMAC and Egain acquire the market leader within energy management systems. 

Newly merged IWMAC and Egain acquire Cebyc to pursue its proptech agenda

30 March 2021: Following the announcement two weeks ago on the merger between IWMAC and Egain, the newly formed group today announced the acquisition of the Norwegian company Cebyc. In a statement, the company says this is one more step in pursuing the goal of becoming the leading building connectivity platform in EuropeThe group has a vision of fighting climate change by enabling better monitoring, control and optimization of buildings across the retail, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. A new group brand name will be announced in the near future.  

Cebyc is a market leader in environmental management and -reporting software. The company develops and distributes the ISO-certified software Energinet to more than 4 500 clients, representing 25 000 buildings and 12 000 users, primarily in northern EuropeThe company markets its software under its brand, Energinet  

Buildings account for 40% of Europecarbon emissions – mainly arising from heating and cooling – and 75% of all buildings are energy inefficient. With forecasts indicating that as much as 95% of today’s building mass will still be in use in 50 years’ time, optimizing the energy consumption of this sector will play a key role in achieving the EU’s target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. For the new group, this challenge represents an enormous opportunity. 

We can now provide end-to-end solutions, from the best data integration in the industry for old and new buildings to advanced energy optimization and environmental reporting. This is an answer to demands made by many of our clients”, says Trond-Øystein Bjørnnes, CEO of the newly formed group. “As property owners are facing increasingly ambitious sustainability targets and compliance demands, intelligent digitalization of both new and old buildings on a unified and flexible platform is a very attractive way of reducing energy and resource waste” explains Bjørnnes. 

“Changes in the regulatory framework and technology, combined with a desire by many clients to streamline and consolidate their energy- and environmental management operations, makes this combination ideal”, says Thor Øyvind Ludvigsen, managing director of Cebyc. “Our focus is meeting client needs, and now we can offer a wider range of solutions as well as the stand-alone solutions as before”, says Ludvigsen.   

Around 31,000 commercial, industrial, residential and public buildings and 3,000 grocery stores in Northern Europe are already daily users of either an IWMAC, Egain or Cebyc solution for various energy control levels, efficiency and reporting. In 2020 the combined turnover of the three companies exceeded € 18 million. After the acquisition of Cebyc, the company will have offices in seven countries with a total of 130 employees. In a statement, the company says it will pursue further acquisitions within the European proptech space with a focus on end-to-end solutions for clients.

Trond-Øystein Bjørnnes, CEO (+47 982 03 840 /
Kent Zehetner, Chair of Board (+47 918 13 762 / 

IWMAC is a cloud-based SCADA software company headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. Since its inception in 2001, IWMAC has supported companies to reduce their energy consumption and product losses Today, the IWMAC solutions connect to, monitor, and control technical installations in 4,000 buildings, including specialist grocery stores solutions. IWMAC also provides a 24/7/365 operated Alarm Centre. 

About Egain
Egain is a leading technology SaaS company within digital control and energy optimisation of residential and government buildings. The company develops IoT solutions, mobile apps, and AI-based software that visualises building opportunities and optimises the energy consumption leading to lower energy consumption, improved buildings’ environmental footprint, optimised living comfort and, increased property valuations. Egain was founded in 2003 with HQ in Kungsbacka, SwedenWith offices in six European countries, Egain is currently serving more than 5,000 buildings and 300,000 apartments in 11 countries. 

About Cebyc
Cebyc is a leading supplier of software for energy, waste and environmental management. The company covers the complete value chain from sensors to the reports, ensuring data quality and continuity in the reporting. The software brand Energinet have been translated into several languages and is today used at more than 25 000 buildings. Energinet is a webbased, real time carbon, energy and sustainability management system, built to meet the requirements of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, ISO 14064, ISO 50001, ISO 15927and DIN EN 16247. Cebyc was founded in 2002 in Trondheim, Norway. 


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