Press release September 27, 2021

Mälarenergi in a collaborative project with Egain on digitalisation of energy use and District Heating 2.0 in Västerås Municipality.

Foto: Mälarenergi AB

Egain, part of the proptech group Kiona and a leading provider of value-added systems for operational and energy optimization, and the energy company in Västerås Municipality, Mälarenergi AB, are now starting a collaborative project focusing on testing concepts that contribute to efficient energy use, and service development. The objectives of the project are to create connected and energy-efficient residential properties in Västerås Municipality by applying digital systems for energy optimization and power balancing that are in line with Mälarenergi’s work on the development of District Heating 2.0.

Mälarenergi AB, which is 100% owned by the City of Västerås, has decided at the management level to carry out a major development project each year. This year, the focus of the development project is on joint digitalization and energy use in the municipality’s multi-residential properties and aims to find solutions that contribute to more efficient energy use, digitalization to create added value both for the municipality’s properties and Mälarenergi as well as for the municipality’s residents.

Joacim Sundqvist, Mälarenergi

Within the project, Egain will deliver proactive and smart operational and energy optimization using its Edge service to several of the municipality’s properties. The AI-based optimization will be complemented with IoT technology in the form of sensors for measuring indoor climate and system temperatures. In addition, power balancing functionality will be enabled, where predictive algorithms ensure that peaks in district heating distribution are cut during the really cold days of the year, thus offering an opportunity for Mälarenergi to balance its supply of district heating out to properties, bringing environmental and capacity benefits to Mälarenergi. An important aspect of Mälarenergi’s work on District Heating 2.0

Joacim Sundqvist, Energy Strategist at Mälarenergi explains:
– “For us at Mälarenergi, we have set up a project that we call District Heating 2.0, which is about how we want the future Mälarenergy to have a role in society. We believe that it is about more than just supplying energy and we want to get closer to our end customers and the properties we supply energy to. The way to get there is through digitalization with smart systems and tools for optimized energy use on a large scale. We are happy to start this collaboration with Egain that will give us increased opportunities to develop our business and ultimately contribute to the smart city. Although Mälarenergi no longer uses fossil fuels in its energy production, it is important to reduce peak power in the system. If we reduce peak power, we can increase our CHP production.

In addition to delivering its proactive AI-based control algorithm for energy optimization, Egain will also be tapping into its power management feature, Peak Control, which is designed to predict when power peaks will occur in the district heating network, especially on really cold days during the winter months. By using AI and millions of data points, we can predict when a power peak will occur, and the function can then work proactively to supply a building with energy before and after the coldest hours, ensuring minimal impact on the indoor climate while helping to balance the grid.

– “We are pleased to be able to assist Mälarenergi in their digitalization work within the framework of District Heating 2.0. The benefits of working to cut peak power are many, both for the energy company and the property owner and not least at the societal level where peak power today can mean that energy companies are forced to use expensive and in some cases even fossil fuel heat sources at the forefront to cover the needs of the city during really cold days. This is something that can be avoided with great environmental benefits as a positive effect if we with the help of digital tools and systems can help to counteract that power peaks occur, which rhymes well with Mälarenergi’s work on District Heating 2.0, says Martin Eksberg, Head of Business Sweden at Egain Group.

For questions, please contact:
Martin Eksberg, Head of Business Sverige, Egain Group, 073 20 74 540,
Joacim Sundqvist, Energy Strategist, Mälarenergi AB, 073 94 05 353,

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Foto: Mälarenergi AB


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