News September 16, 2019

JM chooses Egain as a standard in new builds

JM, which mainly builds apartment buildings for corporate housing associations, but also rental properties, currently have a standard policy to install Egain in all new projects for Egains energy monitoring- and indoor comfort platform – Egain Edge.

-I see Egain’s solution with climate control of properties as a kind of ECO driving for buildings. It is both simple and practical and also interesting from an energy efficiency perspective. -Kjell Åke Henriksson, Installation Expert and Energy Manager at JM.

Egain is easy to connect, is well proven, and optimizes energy use by remote control with information from sensors with thousands of measuring points that measure the temperature inside the property.

JM has an environmental mindset about sustainability issues and energy savings that affect which solutions they choose. Another contributing reason for the investment in Egain is that the municipalities, such as Stockholm, place increasingly stringent demands on the builders when it comes to energy consumption in new builds. The City of Stockholm, for example, has set an energy target for energy consumption in new buildings to be no more than 55 kWh per square meter per year.

JM and Egain have been collaborating since 2012 and today have a framework agreement that extends until this year. What do the plans look like in the future?

– Within JM we work strategically to reduce energy use in our projects. We continuously evaluate different systems to see what is the most effective measure for JM. We prioritize proven and robust solutions such as Egain. In addition, the collaboration between us has worked well and our plans are therefore to maintain Egain’s solution, says Kjell-Åke Henriksson.

-From Egain’s side, we naturally want to deliver and constantly develop a technology and service that is at the forefront in terms of energy & comfort, while focusing on having a partnership that builds on long-term relationships with our customers, says Martin Eksberg, is the one at Egain who is responsible for customer contacts with JM.


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