Interview June 16, 2020

Hi there Torbjörn!

Hello there Torbjörn,

As an Energy Expert and Product Specialist at Egain, you have been involved in developing the new concept of Building Connectivity.

What can you tell us about the new service?
Building Connectivity is all about combining smart and cost-effective hardware with user-friendly software and packing the two parts into something that correlates with market demands, and I think we have succeeded well with.

The goal has been to create a service that simplifies property owners regarding the challenge that exists for property owners today in collecting, structuring, and consolidating different types of data. In addition to that, the service will have to do it in a way that is easy for us and the customer.

By easy we mean simplicity in all parts, from the beginning it should be easy to install and get started in a building to the fact that it is easy to use the data in its analysis work and easy to understand graphs. It should also be easy to export that important report file to be able to share insights into their organization.

We want it to be easy to digitize its building, which it is today.

What have been the challenges of the project?
There are several of them. One difficulty has been the ability to technically collect data from equipment that speaks different languages ​​and does not understand each other. Today, there are a variety of communication protocols used by different types of equipment. Being able to find hardware that “understands” all different languages ​​is a challenge, of course, but we solved it in the new Egain Harvest that can collect data from meters with different types of protocol. It incorporates most of all protocols that exist today, from Wireless M-Bus and BACnet, which are common today to, for example, LoRaWAN which is not as widespread today, but which we will certainly see more of in the future.

This type of solution is something that many customers are interested in, but what are the specific problems that Building Connectivity solves?
The major advantage of this new service is, of course, being able to take the property owners’ analysis work to a new level by being able to collect and structure data from basically any type of connected unit in a building. Being able to collect electricity, water, ventilation, pump status, and more with one and the same unit, and collecting everything in one and the same system, I think many will find interesting. This makes it easy for property owners to gain control and understand their buildings with very simple means. If you consider what Building Connectivity will cost, compared to what you as a property owner will be able to get out of it, I also think that many will think it is very interesting.

Once installed, the building technician can build his own analysis tools by combining the data types that he/she is interested in. One such example could be to set up a graph with data from the energy meter and alarms from pumps. If you see that an alarm pump has been active for a period of time, and also see that the energy consumption has gone down / up at the same time. Then it is quite easy to fix the error, which is surely in the pump. You avoid costly investigations afterward and have the right data in hand from the beginning.

Do you want to know more about Building Connectivity?

Building Connectivity


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