Press release July 3, 2020

Egain through to the final in European Proptech Awards!


On June 30, the European Proptech Award semi-finals were held, through a digital event with leaders from around 50 nominated proptech companies around Europe. All companies were allowed to present their activities to a jury made up of representatives from industry-related organizations and companies including Finnova and Workero.

The evaluation of the 50 companies were made on the basis of the criteria social impact, sustainability, technical innovation, business model innovation, and potential problem-solving.

After deliberation, Egain Group was announced as the first company out of a total of 5 to be awarded a final place in the Scaleup category. This is the first time a Swedish company has reached the final.

The final will take place in September in Paris during the MIPIM Proptech Startup and Scaleup Awards 2020 event, which is one of the largest arenas for innovative technology for digitizing real estate in the world. In the final, all finalists will once again be given the chance to present their solution. When the day is over, the winners of the MIPIM Proptech Startup and Scaleup Awards 2020 will be selected, where the winners in the two categories Startup and Scaleup are primarily awarded the honor of being named the most interesting proptech company in Europe in their category.

With already 300,000 apartments connected in 11 countries, the Egain Group competes in the Scaleup category. We live in a time when the real estate market is undergoing rapid change, property owners are looking for sustainable solutions that provide improved control of their buildings, protect property value, identify opportunities, improve tenant experience, reduce energy use and help minimize environmental impact. Egain exists to meet these needs.

Our aim is to make the world’s buildings part of the solution to solve one of humanity’s most important challenges – climate change.

There has long been a focus on the problem that real estate accounts for 41% of Europe’s energy use and 36% of greenhouse gases. Now we want to turn our focus towards the solution. The road to achieving the global sustainability goals goes through the smart city and then we need intelligent, connected, buildings “, comments Viktor Vitell, CMO at Egain.

For more information, please contact:
Viktor Vitell, CMO, Egain Group, +46 73 157 73 94,

Egain is a leading SaaS technology company in digital control and energy optimization of housing and government buildings. The company develops IoT solutions, mobile apps, and AI-based software that visualize building opportunities and optimize energy consumption, leading to lower energy consumption, improved buildings’ environmental footprint, optimized housing comfort, and higher property valuation. Egain was founded in 2003 with HQ in Kungsbacka, Sweden, and is today owned by Summa Equity. With offices in five European countries, Egain currently serves more than 5,000 buildings and 300,000 apartments in 11 countries.


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