Press release March 9, 2022

Egain in new collaborative project on digitalization of residential properties together with Habo Bostäder and Habo Energi.

Egain Group and Moldeo AB are since 2021 part of the proptech group Kiona where Egain delivers operational and energy optimization solutions with AI and Moldeo AB provides the SCADA platform Web Port. Together with Habo Bostäder, they now announce that they will start up a collaboration on digitization and integrations of existing property technology systems and platforms. The aim is to modernize and create synergies around Habo Bostäders technical management with energy savings, housing comfort, alarm management, and digitization of working methods. The project brings together Kiona and Habo Bostäder no less than five different stakeholders who collaborate through open data and integrations.

Habo Bostäder is a municipally-owned real estate company founded in 1953 and is now undertaking a major modernization journey with a focus on digitalization and living comfort. Among the efforts already made, a dedicated network of fiber-connected substations has been deployed. This aims to provide a base plate to stand on in order to build further in its digitalization, which it is now doing.

Taking the next step, the company is working with several leading players in different technology areas who are integrating and collaborating with their systems to create the best possible solution for Habo Bostäder.

Among the efforts now being made, the metering company EcoGuard is introducing wireless indoor metering in all apartments to measure the indoor climate. To achieve synergies, the measurement data is fully integrated software-wise into Egain’s Edge platform and then used there to support smart energy optimization with AI, which is also connected to the entire stock. In order to connect these new building technology platforms with already existing equipment, Web Port has been implemented as an overall system (SCADA) where all the buildings’ technical systems can be connected, visualized, and monitored. The installation of Web Port is done by an additional actor, Nordomatic, who is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the systems on-site.

Emil Tunling, Habo Bostäder/Habo Energi

Emil Tunling has acted as project manager through the project comments:
-“There are many actors involved in this project and it feels really great to be able to leverage different areas of expertise and collaborate across borders between these providers where open systems and a willingness to integrate has been key to getting to the finish line. A couple of areas have been particularly important to us, and that is of course indoor comfort for our tenants, energy optimization, and linking these different systems together into a working whole for management. That has been the challenge and I am confident that we will solve all of these pieces in this project,” says Emil Tunling, Project Manager at Habo

-“Within Kiona, we want to enable customers like Habo Bostäder to work more freely with the technology they prefer. In this project, Emil and his colleagues have picked the pieces of the puzzle from the market that they think best suits them and are willing to open up and integrate in order to shape the project around their needs. We want to be open to collaboration within, and between, different sectors while customers out there are demanding more customization. This project is a good example of just that and we would like to thank all parties involved for good cooperation so far, says Martin Eksberg, Head of Business Sweden at Egain Group, and Kiona.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Martin Eksberg, Head of Business Sweden, Egain Group, +46 73 20 74 540,
Emil Tunling, Technician/Project Manager, Habo Bostäder & Habo Energi, +46 36-860 24 21,

About Egain Group
Egain is a leading SaaS technology company in digital control and energy optimization of homes and public buildings. The company develops IoT solutions, mobile apps and AI-based software that visualize building opportunities and optimize energy consumption, leading to lower energy consumption, improved environmental impact of buildings, optimized living comfort and increased property valuation. Egain was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Kungsbacka, Sweden. With offices in six European countries, Egain currently serves more than 5,000 buildings and 300,000 apartments in 11 countries.

Since March 2021, Egain is part of the newly formed Kiona Group together with IWMAC A/S, Cebyc A/S and Moldeo AB(Web Port)

About Kiona Group
Kiona is a leading SaaS company with the vision to make a major contribution to the fight against climate change by offering the smartest and most cost-effective proptech platform on the market. The company enables building owners and other stakeholders to achieve their financial and sustainability goals through the digitalization of new and old buildings and their heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems. With offices in seven countries and 136 colleagues, Kiona currently connects over 1,000 55commercial, industrial, residential, and public buildings and 3,000 grocery stores in Europe. Through an innovative platform that monitors, controls, and optimizes both energy use and organizations, Europe’s existing buildings can now become part of the solution for the future.

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