Press release April 2, 2019

Egain delivers digital energy optimization project on a large scale in the city of Berlin

Berlin is determined to be a climate-neutral city by 2050. The Senate has therefore committed itself to ambitious climate protection goals for its own properties and the state-owned companies.

Target by 2025: 30,000 tons CO2

The contract was awarded to a joint venture of the three companies – Egain Group, myWarm GmbH and Perto GmbH, each bringing their specific expertise to the project, where Egain contributes with expertise in optimal heating control based on big data, analysis and human expertise. The project kicked off in late 2018 with the installation of heating optimization the SaaS-service Egain Edge in 65 buildings in Berlin with the target to reduce the CO2 emissions of the heat supply by 20 percent. The total order value amounts to over two million euros.

“In order to achieve the ambitious climate protection goals, we have to go new ways and the three commissioned companies to fulfill BEM:s exact needs: They receive a bundle of various standardized measures that hardly disturb the daily operation in the properties. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for a quick upgrade of BEM:s large building stock. Exact before and after measurements show us how much CO2 we actually saved says Christian Grotkopp, Business Unit Manager at Egain Group

“Buildings account for 41% of the world’s energy use and 36% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and it’s crucial that forward thinking property owners like B.E.M take the lead in lowering their environmental impact. B.E.M. is a very ambitious and knowledgeable partner with high goals and visions of environmental and climate work that we share. We see great potential in the cooperation and will work hard to live up to high expectations and we are extremely proud to be an official supplier of energy-saving measures in properties to the great city of Berlin, says Torsten Baranowski, Vice President Continental Europe at Egain Group.


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Torsten Baranowski, Vice President Continental Europe, Egain Group.
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Egain is a leading technology company with cutting edge competence within energy and comfort optimization of residential buildings. The company develops intelligent software that visualizes building opportunities and automatically optimizes the energy consumption of residential buildings leading to lower energy consumption, improved buildings environmental footprint and optimized living comfort. Egain was founded 2003 with HQ in Kungsbacka, Sweden and is today owned by Summa Equity. Currently Egain is serving more than 4,000 buildings and 250,000 apartments in 11 countries.


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