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Edge Insights is here!

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Edge Insights analysis and reporting tool

Edge Insights is a brand-new analytic and reporting tool available to anyone using the Edge platform. The new tool combines data from multiple sources within Edge and then analyses and aggregates the information into clear, user-friendly dashboards and reports. Insights helps you compare, analyse, and understand buildings, areas or entire portfolios and enables you to easily share insights and information between yourself, your colleagues, and the rest of your organisation.

Built on Microsoft’s Power BI business intelligence platform, Edge Insights gives you a whole new set of data-driven insights that you can use to improve the way you work with your buildings across your organisation. This new and more intelligent reporting tool gives you the critical insights about your buildings that you need to work more proactively and data- driven.

“Edge Insights is an early result of our investment in Business Intelligence where we are now starting to reap the rewards in the form of new value-creating features that help property owners make accurate, informed, and data-driven decisions regarding their properties“, says Christofer Olsson Kedborn, Head of Development at Egain Group.

Two standard reports are available from a start

In this launch, there will initially be two standard reports available to all users – the Consumption Report and the Property Management Report. In the future, more reports of different types will be continuously added, and it is also possible to order customised reports according to your own specifications starting with this launch. If you have any ideas about the collection of building data that would make up your perfect report, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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1. Consumption Report – “A summary of media consumption at both portfolio and property level”

In the Consumption Report, you can track your consumption of heat, electricity, and water. This report gives you an understanding of your energy and water consumption compared to previous years but also allows you to follow trends. You can group buildings, areas, cities to monitor, for example, the results of investments made in different projects aimed at influencing any type of consumption.

The Consumption Report is simply about helping you keep track of the different types of consumption and media use in your property portfolio.

The consumption report is designed to present clear data and analysis on the media consumption of a property portfolio or individual properties over time. Insights that you might gain from this report include finding anomalous water consumption in a specific area of your property portfolio or elevated electricity consumption in a specific property. This is of course important to counteract increased consumption or to identify errors such as water leaks or incorrect settings at an early stage.

Comparing and analyzing consumption data over time is important to keep track of your consumption so it doesn’t go in the wrong direction, but often there are also targets set for each type of consumption that you want to monitor to make sure you are making the right efforts in your portfolio or individual properties.

Download a sample report here

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2. Property Management report – “Quick analysis and clear key figures for your properties”

In the Property Management Report, we have collected a variety of key figures related to individual properties, parts of portfolios, or entire property portfolios. Here you can compare key figures relating to, for example, indoor climate, energy consumption, or environmental impact both over time, and/or between different parts and selections of buildings in your portfolio. For example, if you want to compare how well the indoor climate in your properties in the city of Gothenburg stays within a set range compared to your properties in another city, for example, Stockholm, you can do this in the Property Management Report and easily share your findings with others.

The purpose of the Property Management Report is to provide valuable insights and evidence for prioritization and decision-making in your organization. Where should you focus on ensuring indoor climate and which parts of your organization could invest more in energy optimization? These are some of the insights you can gain from this report to help you manage your properties successfully.

This is an important part of the ongoing analysis work and is important both for local technicians and managers on-site and for people in a management team responsible for managing stock as well as possible in all aspects related to your business such as energy consumption, indoor climate, KPIs and key performance indicators. Basing decisions on the right investments in a property portfolio has never been more important, nor has the importance of making those decisions based on data, not by guessing.

Download a sample report here

Get a 3-minute briefing from Mitra Hajigholi, Machine Learning & Data Scientist at Egain and Project Manager for Edge Insights, explaining the basics of the new analytics and reporting module Edge Insights.

Take your work to the next level

With Edge Insights, you can export and share reports with others in your organization. This saves time for reporting, data extraction and data interpretation. Making information sharing easier and more efficient allows organizations to eliminate redundant tasks, allowing employees to focus on their work instead of processing data.

-“A major problem in all organizations today is that when reports are compiled by different departments, the data is prone to human error and risks becoming outdated before it has even been submitted for review. Edge Insights will give Edge users access to accurate and assured data when they need it, and in a variety of ways, including through reports and visual dashboards. It will make it easy and convenient to share knowledge about your real estate holdings across your organization instantly when it’s needed,” said Mitra Hajigholi, Data Scientist and Machine Learning Specialist at Egain Group.

Make accurate, informed, and data-driven decisions about your properties

One of the main reasons real estate companies invest time, money, and effort in data, analytics, and reporting are that it gives them a greater ability to observe and analyze current trends in the building stock to gain insights about buildings or portfolios.

Edge Insights gives you a tool to understand how your buildings are performing. You can then use this information to improve both the performance of your building and portfolio, as well as to improve your tenants’ satisfaction so that their expectations and needs are met. As a result, you can improve your organization’s performance.

Edge Insights helps professionals make accurate, informed, and data-driven decisions about their properties.

And that’s just the beginning. We will continue to invest in the next generation of Edge to help you grow and increase the return on your investment over the long term.

This is a golden opportunity to lay the digital foundations your business needs for the future.

Log in to Edge and get started right away!


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