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Do you have features, hardware or services in your properties that are EdgeReady?

Open, flexible and independent systems are key for the real estate industry to create long-term and sustainable solutions to increase digitalization in the sector. We have long been working on integrating with other vendors and we now have several standard integrations with various companies in the market offering everything from connected water meters to wireless IoT devices and various types of building technology systems.

A prerequisite for this to work is that there is an open API that can be accessed, or that standardized communication protocol occurs. These standard integrations mean that the groundwork around setting up the integrations between Edge and third parties is already done, making it even more efficient to integrate specific properties and the systems or hardware that already exist, with our platform – Edge.

The vendors/products below are EdgeReady

  • BKAB – Integration of IoT devices via API and integration of meters via M-Bus and wM-Bus.
  • Brunata – Integration of IoT devices via API
  • Diehl – Integration of meters via M-Bus and wM-Bus.
  • EcoGuard – Integration of IoT devices via API
  • Elvaco – Integration of IoT devices via API and integration of meters via M-Bus and wM-Bus.
  • Infometric – Integration of IoT devices via API
  • ISTA – Submitter integration via SFTP
  • Kamstrup – Integration of meters via M-Bus and wM-Bus.
  • Landis &Gyr – Integration of meters via M-bus and wM-Bus.
  • Metry – Integration for import of Energy Statistics and measurement data via API
  • Netmore – Submitter integration via API
  • QT-System – Integration of IoT devices via API
  • Smartwater – Integration for importing measurement data via API
  • Web Port – Integration to SCADA via API

In addition to integrating with third-party products, we can also offer proprietary hardware for direct connection to the Edge via the Edge Hub, wireless indoor metering, the connection of heating stations, or collection of data from meters, for example.

Read more about our IoT products!

A big advantage for the end customer of working in this way to integrate between different types of real estate systems or hardware is that you who have already made investments in hardware or services can use them again, but perhaps in other contexts or situations to get even more value from the investment already made. The alternative is to throw out and buy new, which is not sustainable all the time. Below is more information on how we integrate with different vendors and systems.

Integrations to Edge – Hardware and Software

So what are the possibilities of integrating with Edge? Below is a summary of different types of integrations that we already do and that we say are EdgeReady. In these cases, there is already a standard integration in place, and it is very easy to connect the systems and platforms below to Edge in order to use the data there.

Maybe you can also integrate and get even more out of what you already have?

Examples of different types of supported integrations

1. Integration of third party IoT devices

With our open APIs, we can also import most of the 3rd party products on the market for indoor measurement where we currently have ready integration solutions with most of the suppliers on the market.

Various communication protocols and technologies used by these vendors include LoRaWAN, Narrowband IoT(NB-IoT), and wM-Bus.


Since the merger with Moldeo AB, the company behind the SCADA platform Web Port, we now have 100% support for seamless integration to Web Port. This solution supports hardware integration of various protocols and below are some examples of these are M-Bus, MODBUS, BACNet, and OPC. As a bonus, all device drivers supported by Web Port work with Edge. Please read more about this on the Web Port website.

We also support sending steering algorithms to Web Port enabled properties, based on data collected by Egain’s own infrastructure or from third parties. For example, here you can choose to connect Edge AI, which is our smart control entirely software-based through Web Port.

If you want to read more about this type of integration, you can find a couple of such examples here, from Rosengård Fastighets AB, AB PiteBo, Bostadsbolaget in Gothenburg and KKB Fastigheter

3. Digital collection of media (heat, electricity, water)

Metry – Egain has been working with Metry for many years to collect energy statistics for our customers, where Metry is responsible for collecting the local energy company’s metering data. The integration then transfers the data to Edge where it is visualized for the customer.

Hardware integrations – When we integrate with hardware, it often involves connecting physical meters of different brands and with different ways of communicating, which are

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already installed in buildings. This is always done at the request of the customer in order to visualize and utilize the data in Edge.

To integrate with third-party hardware, we often use proprietary hardware where we can integrate regardless of make as long as it complies with the standard. For example, indoor climate, energy, electricity, or water meters where integration is usually done through M-Bus or wM-Bus for meters from Kamstrup, Elvaco, Diehl, Landis & Gyr, and others.

Examples of protocols used in hardware that we can integrate with are M-Bus, wM-Bus, BACnet/KNX, LoRa and LoRaWAN.

Smartvatten – Through integration with the company Smartvatten, you can integrate your Smartvatten-connected water meters. The integration means that you can efficiently collect and present real-time water data inside the Edge, along with other media statistics such as heating and electricity. In addition, you can receive alerts when a water leak occurs, allowing you to take quick action to minimize damage.

Open API available to all

The Edge analytics and optimization platform have always had an open API under constant development. The API offers opportunities to build new services based on Edge functionality, or to integrate with other systems to meet our partners’ needs and demands, for example, to use certain types of data on different platforms and systems.

Check out our open APIs here!

If you have hardware or systems/platforms that are EdgeReady and you are interested in integrating, please contact us via the button below and we will be happy to look at the possibilities.

I have products that are EdgeReady and want to look at opportunities to integrate!

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