Internet of Things August 6, 2018

How to Reduce CO2 Emissions with IoT According to a Scientific Study

In an effort to implement the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050, building owners have been working towards solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Three common objectives include increasing energy efficiency, reducing the consumed amount of energy, and substituting for fossil energy sources.

New technology has gone a long way to enable building owners to address these three CO2 emission reduction efforts. Even so, determining the best technology for your building may pose a challenge. And adding any new technology requires an investment for the building owner. Fortunately, scholars have begun applying their knowledge of the problem to identify and address the most optimal technology based on the specific needs of each building.

One recent analysis is particularly exciting in the benefits it presents to building owners looking to reduce CO2 emissions by increasing energy efficiency in multi-family homes that have not yet been structurally updated. We have highlighted the findings in that study here, and welcome you to contact us with questions.

The Study | An Analysis of Potential for IoT

The Zurich University of Applied Science has been conducting research to determine the best technology resources to help reduce CO2 emissions. Researchers hypothesize that the Internet of Things (IoT) could be a promising enabler for climate protection. To test their theory, they completed An Analysis of Potential for IoT.

The study investigated whether applying technology using the IoT could reduce CO2 emissions. Researchers developed four different cases equipped with IoT technology that relies on sensors. The people conducting the study measured pre and post-installation data to project what possible CO2 reduction would take effect (if any).

Because these cases were completed on separate buildings under differing factors, the researchers did not draw direct comparison conclusions. However, building owners looking for solutions for multi-family residential buildings can take advantage of the research to reduce their own CO2 emissions.

The Solution | Apply Egain’s IoT Technology to Reduce CO2 Emissions

After completing research on multifamily housing that was not energetically renovated, the study concluded that a promising CO2 saving potential exists when building owners apply heating optimization technology. To draw this conclusion researchers conducted their study on a building that uses Egain’s IoT technology. They exhausted research before and after the technology was in place and conducted interviews with company representatives to get a full understanding of the process. The powerful results included:

  • Hardware Independent – “You can reduce the heating energy usage of historical buildings or buildings close to their end life without any expensive or inappropriate renovation work.”
  • Lower Cost for Expensive Peak Heat Loads – “If a closer look is taken at the savings month by month, it can be seen that the savings, in general, are higher in the transitional periods between autumn and winter and winter and spring. This result may be interesting if climate change is taken into consideration and possible strong weather changes within a few days.”
  • Reduce CO2 Emissions – “The amount of savings is dependent on the energy carrier used for heating or the other way around, as the cleaner the used energy is in terms of CO2 eq emissions, the smaller the savings are.” In all cases of the study “roughly one liter of oil or one cubic meter of gas is spared, and the system worked efficiently in terms of CO2 eq savings.”

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your CO2 emissions without restructuring your building, we can help you get started. Egain energy experts can provide a solution for your building. You will notice a quick return on your investment, and your tenants will be happier with a more consistent indoor comfort.

Contact us to learn more about reducing your CO2 emissions with our IoT technology.  


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