Internet of Things May 30, 2018

How to Bring Your Building into the Future with Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) gives the possibility to digitize functions within buildings. In simplest terms, IoT is a system of web-enabled devices. They collect, send, and act on data they acquire from their environment using embedded sensors, processors, and communication hardware.

For building management, IoT enables productivity capabilities needed to increase energy efficiency and decrease carbon footprint. Currently, buildings account for 41% of Europe’s energy usage and 36% of greenhouse emissions. IoT promises a solution to this pressing issue. Integrating it into building systems gives property owners and managers, as well as energy companies, more ability to monitor and adjust energy use and emissions seamlessly and instantly.

Since Egain launched in 2003, we have developed IoT solutions that lower energy usage and emissions by giving our clients real-time, data-rich analytics about the building structure, external impact, and improved indoor climate. Integrated AI-based software automatically visualizes and optimizes energy usage in buildings. Our team of dedicated experts helps you decipher the data and use the insights to improve the accuracy of temperature adjustments and increase your energy efficiency.

Digitize your building with Egain IoT Solutions

We customize every solution to meet the specific needs of our clients. To optimize your energy usage, we may recommend one of these IoT solutions:

Edge Hub:  Edge Hub replaces traditional outdoor sensors on the facade. It receives climate and temperature data as well as advanced energy calculations and connects the property to the AI engine in Egain Edge. Edge Hub then sends information to the heating central that serves as a base for continuous control for optimal energy use and perfect indoor climate.

Sense:  Sense is a solution that places wireless sensors throughout the property. They gather, measure, and distribute information about temperature and humidity levels in apartments, and flow and return temperature readings from the heating system. The sensors run continuously, updating the data several times an hour.

Egain Edge:  The Egain ecosystem comprises a leading IoT platform linked to a cloud-based AI software. The solution proactively and continuously optimizes energy usage by collecting, loading, and processing data, combining it with information from self-learning algorithms. While highly sophisticated, the technology is straightforward to apply and use. Installation only takes a couple of hours, and the ecosystem is compatible with most other heating systems and sensors on the market. Once linked, Egain significantly increases the life of existing heating systems – property owners can save 10-20% on heating costs, residents get a more comfortable indoor climate, and the planet avoids unnecessary CO2 emissions.

The ROI of IoT

Egain lowers energy spending by helping to decrease energy use at a low operational cost. We customize each IoT solution to answer specific business needs for each client:

  • Private Property Owners: Gain more control by increasing the operating net and the value of your property with self-regulatory energy optimization. Learn more.
  • Housing Cooperatives: Save money and give residents a better indoor climate with lower operational costs, and eliminate tedious oversight tasks so you can spend time and money on other areas of the property. Learn more.
  • Social Housing: Balance indoor climate for your residents while decreasing energy usage. You will sharply reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make your residents proud to live in your building. Learn more.
  • District Heating: Avoid expensive new investments and modernize existing infrastructure. Egain is compatible with most existing systems and makes old systems smarter. Learn more.

When you partner with Egain, you don’t need to be an energy expert. IoT, backed by our team of knowledgeable advisors, will do the work for you. Our intelligent AI-based software automatically visualizes and optimizes energy usage in buildings. You will improve the indoor climate of your building by reducing energy usage without lifting a finger.

Other companies already have begun to benefit from implementing IoT capabilities within their building management systems. Don’t wait for the future. Stay ahead of your competition, make your building more energy efficient and partner with Egain to utilize the best IoT solutions.

Contact us to learn how Egain IoT solutions can help you improve your business and your carbon footprint.


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Yes, I want a demo!

Awesome that you’re interested in booking a free demo together with one of our experts. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.


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