Energy efficiency May 16, 2018

Discover How Intelligent Energy Optimization Improves Social Housing.

Social housing property managers and owners bear the responsibility caring for their property and it’s residents, as well as attending to the impact of the property on the environment. All of those duties require they seek to reduce costs, offer the highest quality products and services, and minimize ecological impact. It’s a balancing act that can seem overwhelming.

Intelligent energy optimization technologies can solve these challenges simultaneously. By linking intelligent software, big data and human expertise, this technology can quickly produce self-optimized and energy efficient buildings. To date, many social housing property owners and managers have hesitated to add these technologies to their property because they mistakenly believe they require high upfront cost and generate a slow return.

Egain has solved the problem. Because it is possible to apply Egain technology to existing control systems, property managers and owners can implement the solution without absorbing the high cost of reprogramming. That benefit is made even more significant by the fact that optimizing energy use has an immediate, measurable savings impact, and continues to improve cost efficiencies over time.

The financial return is only one benefit for social housing property management. An intelligent energy optimization technology system will produce a host of benefits:

  • Improve the quality of life for residents. User-friendly, intelligent, self-regulated energy optimization systems balance indoor climate to give tenants the most comfortable indoor climates throughout the year.
  • Decrease negative environmental effects. Self-regulated energy optimization helps lower CO2 emissions and improve the ecological footprint of the property from day one.
  • Simplify your job. Understanding the energy consumption of the property makes it easier to reduce risks, maintenance costs, and energy costs quickly.

Egain is the Energy Expert

At Egain, we believe the better the efficiency, the better for our planet. We offer the most efficient system for heat and energy optimization in residential buildings on the market. With industry-leading specialization, useful energy analysis, the best hardware available, and powerful IoT technology, we help clients develop and optimize energy use and indoor climate. Our experts provide the tools and support our clients need to become the experts on their energy consumption.

In 15 years, Egain has provided energy efficiency solutions for 250,000 apartments in 11 countries. The stories speak to the power of the Egain Edge system.

16 % Energy Savings Per Year
“The systematic review we did together with the energy expert from Egain is very important in order to get the best heating control and after installing Egains indoor sensors it is now very easy for our caretakers to follow up and locate any deviations in temperature from a distance. Egain has met our expectations regarding savings. Our tenants are more satisfied and that means less fault reports. I recommend Egain Edge to other property owners because it is a small- investment with a short pay-off time.

Our environmental policy is important to many of our tenants and they chose residential area based on that. I’m convinced that it’s a growing trend and therefore we must keep improving our work for the environment.”

– Ulf Johansson, Halmstad Fastighets AB

10 % Savings Per Year
“With Egain we wirelessly receive large amounts of valuable measurement values for temperature and humidity from our properties. It gives us a self-learning optimization, where all measurement values are presented user-friendly and we can analyze the properties in 3D in Egain Edge, which enables us to identify possible building problems in real time and how different weather conditions affect the buildings.

Egain is at the forefront of developing new tools and bringing them to market and the collaboration with Egain’s energy experts is also something I want to highlight and I highly recommend Egain and their technology to other property owners.”

– Johan Elg, Fastighets AB LE Lundbergs

Egain provides everything that social housing property owners and managers need to minimize the burdens of balancing costs, tenant expectations, and ecological impact. It is the best technologies, supported by expert partners. It is immediate financial impact and lasting energy efficiency. We take on the burden of energy management so you can focus on other areas of your property’s management.

Partner with Egain to reduce the complexity of managing the energy efficiency of your Social Housing property today. Contact us to learn how.



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Yes, I want a demo!

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