Energy efficiency December 11, 2018

Decisive action to save the planet

The UN’s climate target for reducing carbon dioxide emissions is no longer adequate. It is high time to change the world and we must start with buildings, the worst environmental thugs in the drama.

According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it is no longer possible to achieve an emission level equivalent to zero. We must succeed in producing negative emissions by actively reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in an effort to reduce global warming to the level it was prior to industrialization. The UN is not alone in having the reduction of CO2 at the top of its agenda. In Sweden, the government’s goal is to be at the forefront of implementing climate targets by 2030 in Sweden.

Jon Åkerström shares his thoughts in Dagens Industri.

“Buildings account for 41 percent of the world’s total energy use, and 36 percent of all CO2 emissions. The conversion to more energy efficient buildings is a painfully slow process. Despite a willingness to change, it is challenging for many property owners and managers to prioritize this as most solutions require a major initial investment with an extended repayment time,” says Jon Åkerström, VP Engineering & Operations at Egain.

Egain’s overall goal is to stop all unnecessary emissions from residential buildings and have an impact in the community we live in. Their solution Egain Edge manages over 6 million data points each day. The information processed by the self-learning AI engine optimizes energy supply and indoor climate 24/7, all year round. The smart algorithms take into account a variety of parameters such as the physics of the building, its geographic position, the weather at the location in question today and tomorrow as well as human behavior. As the algorithm is self-learning, it is continuously being updated with data from the property and is therefore becoming increasingly more effective in its optimization process

“Our customers are able to reduce heating costs by 10-20 percent. Egain is easy to set up on all existing control systems without any costly reprogramming, and is compatible with the vast majority of existing indoor sensors on the market. Through simple updates to existing systems, you will enjoy all of the benefits of Egain, and can further improve efficiency without having to invest in new hardware. Additionally, there are APIs available for third-party solutions and third-party infrastructure. This means affordable installation costs, while the ongoing optimization process of energy use means the investment is often repaid in less than a year, “says Jon Åkerström.

Egain’s Peak Control manages peak heat loads

Energy companies are now charging extra at energy peaks. If you are unlucky you can be invoiced for half of your annual cost over just a few really cold days. Egain Edge allows customers to avoid costly energy charges with the Peak Control service, which means that your building is heated when the system knows that a cold spell is on its way, and when the cold peak has subsided. As a result, the indoor temperature is kept steady without the need to increase the heat during the days when the tariff is at its highest.

The interest in energy optimization is substantial and Egain Edge has been installed on a large scale across several countries. In the Finnish city of Jyväskylä, we have installed the system in 99 percent of all municipal housing. Victoria Park, one of the country’s largest private home-owners, has 14,000 apartments connected to Egain’s IoT service. In Berlin, 68 public buildings have been fitted with Egain’s energy optimization solution as an initial step in its endeavor to reduce CO2 emissions by 30,000 tonnes by 2025.

“Those of us that work with energy optimization and sustainability see that there is a huge requirement in the industry, and that many people are looking to find the key to a problem that we have already solved. We have a fantastic solution to the sustainability problems of the property industry and our customers are pioneers who have really stepped up by assuming responsibility and digitizing for a better planet, “concludes Jon Åkerström.


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