Egain Sustainable City Award

At Egain, we work every day to help achieve the goals of sustainable development presented by the UN and signed by over 130 countries. Buildings account for 41% of Europe’s energy use and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, urbanization puts even more pressure on cities’ ability to meet people’s needs. We believe that the road to success goes through the smart city and wants to highlight companies and organizations that contribute to the goals. There is no quick answer. Creating a better future is something we must do together. Therefore, we choose to highlight good examples where one has actively chosen to be part of the solution.

As a prize, Egain plants 50 trees in the winner’s name and submits a diploma as proof of successful work. The tree planting is done in collaboration with the organization Vi Skogen.

“There is no time to lose. If we do not act now we will have to pay much more. There is no plane B because we have no plane B. ”
– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki – Moon.


Since your latest visit to this page, we have planted



Marks Bostads AB

– Justification: With great determination and forward-thinking, Marks Bostads AB has taken on the challenge of letting buildings and its tenants be part of the solution, not the problem, when it comes to combating climate change. They have realized early and clearly highlighted that in order to succeed in the conversion to sustainable real estate in their municipality, property owners need to work with both the physical property and at the same time develop internal processes and skills-enhancing activities.

Marks Bostads AB has invested in further training of both employees and tenants on energy and sustainability issues and works actively with the sustainability issue internally through various projects and initiatives. An example is a sustainable indoor climate where tenants are trained in how they can optimize the indoor climate while minimizing waste of energy. This work is an important component of creating sustainable cities, and therefore Marks Bostads AB is the recipient of the Egain Sustainable City Award in November 2019.

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Previous recipients:

Armada Fastighets AB & SVEFAB
Brf Dragonen




What we think is important

We work to apply the power of our technology and expertise to secure our responsibilities as a company, protect human rights and our planet. Our policy and commitment reflect our commitment to achieve positive effects in the communities in which we operate. Download our ESG report here!

This commitment is also central to why many of our employees come to work every day. Because we know that the more successful we are – the better for the environment, today and in the future.

We believe that being a responsible company means respecting the interests of all our stakeholders. This means listening, actively answering questions, being honest in our expectations and being fair in reporting our results. We are equally committed to our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

In addition to our daily work on reducing CO2 emissions from real estate and the great benefit we, together with our customers, do on a daily basis through our service Egain Edge, we have chosen to support a couple of organizations in addition to our own business that is warm to us.




Vi-forest is a Swedish aid organization that plants trees in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Four countries that are severely affected by deforestation and who have lived for many years with its devastating effects on both people and nature.




Tricorona Climate Partner AB was founded in 2006 and is a privately owned company whose business concept is to offer companies, organizations and individuals services in the field of climate such as climate calculations, climate strategies and the possibility of climate compensation.



Save the Children is a politically and religiously unrelated popular movement that fights for the rights of children. With the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we work for the betterment of children and for the respect of children’s rights.



Since 1980, Ung Företagsamhet has trained high school students in entrepreneurship through the education UF-enterprise. Young Entrepreneurship gives children and young people the opportunity to train and develop their creativity, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.

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