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Your property is constantly connected, measured and monitored, using the best IoT hardware the market has to offer and visualized to you in Egain Edge.

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Connect your building with IoT

With the help of Egains IoT(Internet of Things) solution, you can digitize and connect your property through a quick installation of an Edge Hub and wireless indoor sensors. In the Egain Edge platform, a 3D model of your property will be visualized and you easily get great opportunities to lower operating costs and gain insight into measures that can further reduce costs or avoid problems thanks to the measurement of the indoor climate.

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Egain Edge Silver

Digitize your buildings with IoT

Wireless IoT-sensors are installed in all or a number of apartments of your choosing. Full control of your property portfolio’s indoor climate with real-time measurement. With Egain Edge Silver you can digitize heating stations and apartments and make sure you’re are always updated and always in control of your building’s performance, using smart and cost-effective IoT technology.

Visualize your buildings in 3D

You get access to Egain Edge to monitor your building from a distance. Egain Edge provides full 3D visualization of your property, energy use, and indoor climate at a distance. Feedback and visualization of data from sensors in 3D enable you to proactively detect and correct errors and identify risk areas/errors in your buildings and minimize unnecessary onsite visits. Protecting your building and saving you both time and money.

Always updated with Cloud Access

Connecting Heating Stations and Apartments. Connected to the cloud and continuously sending data to Egain Edge enables you to access your data in real-time. The cloud solution enables you to make sure that you are always updated with the latest version and you are running on the world’s most sustainable and​ scalable cloud platform Google Cloud.​

Empower your employees with smart mobility

Enter the world of proptech mobility. The Egain Edge mobile app facilitates the work of those who often have a packed schedule or far to buildings to manage and monitor. The App enables the technician to access building data from a distance and thus be updated and in control through various devices.

Digitized Buildings Made Easy

Market leading IoT and Cloud Platform designed to deliver value fast

A cloud-based service provides control of the buildings. It automatically visualizes and optimizes energy usage through a powerful AI solution that analyzes more than 20 million data points each day.

Egain Hub replace the existing outdoor temperature sensor and connects with the local infrastructure as well as with the central cloud service to enable central control and smart steering.

Temperature and humidity sensors located in the heating central, apartments and strategic locations in the buildings. Central, wireless units collects data from the sensors.


Egain Edge Hub

Edge Hub 913 is the 3rd generation of building access point with integrated antennas for GSM and wM-Bus connectivity with cloud-based services. The Edge Hub output easily connects to any type of heating controller. It serves as a base for continuous control and allowing for optimal energy use and a perfect indoor climate with a minimal amount of energy needed. The Hub receives a unique advanced energy calculations algorithm for the specific property several times per day, always optimized and up to date.

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Wireless Temp/Humidity Sensor

Egain Sense is our wireless sensors for Temperature and Humidity. They are easily installed in the apartments as well as in the heating station. The sensors measure and distribute information about temperature and humidity levels in all apartments, as well as flow and return temperature in the heating system. All this with high security encrypted communication through the standardized protocol Wireless M-Bus (OMS). This is something they do several times every hour, twenty-four seven.

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If you already have invested in 3rd party sensors, you can easily import them to Egain Edge and gain even more value from your investment, read more about it here.


The Egain G3 Gateway with integrated antennas for GSM/3G and wM-Bus connectivity with cloud-based services. The Egain G3 access has wM-Bus connectivity for a large number and a variety of wM-Bus sensors and meters. For larger installations, the G3-X is available with an external antenna. The G3 is also compatible with R3 repeater that can be used to further enhance the range between meters and the G3 Gateway.

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Egain Repeater R4 is plug-and-play and highly configurable repeater for extending the range between a device and a Gateway/Hub. Repeater R4 has wM-Bus connectivity for a large number and a variety of wM-Bus sensors and meters. Egain repeater is equipped with an internal high-performance antenna. The enclosure of the repeater has been designed to make it as discrete as possible.

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Smart Silver Add Ons

API Connect

With Egain’s API Connect you are able to import or export data to and from Edge. This allows you to make better use of your investments and make sure that it doesn’t just get stored and unused. Open systems let’s you import and export data and use it where it makes sense for you the most.

Grow with your existing data

Building Connectivity

With Building Connectivity you can collect data from connected equipment in your property, for example from heating to ventilation, to water use or pumps. It’s your choice. The range of IoT products that can be used cover all given scenarios and common communication protocols that exist today.

Digitize your property portfolio

Energy Target

Set clear energy goals for your properties and work proactively and structured to achieve them with Energy Target! An invaluable tool for you who wants to plan, evaluate, and analyze what measures will take you to your environmental and energy-saving goals. The function gives you help along the way both for specific buildings and also for your entire stock.

More about Energy Target

User case

Sensors in all apartments gave the desired effect

– We wanted to get better control of our building and therefore chose to install wireless sensors in the hall in all apartments so that all apartments are given the same conditions as possible. It is very easy to understand and interpret the system, which with an interactive illustration shows the indoor temperature in the apartments. With blue for cold, green for normal and red for hot, which makes it very easy to troubleshoot to find any defects or faults in the property at an early stage, says Michael Rydnemalm, Chairman of Brf Dragörkajen, Malmö, Sweden

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