Improve energy efficiency, maintenance and advanced analytics

Utilize your building’s full potential with the power of data from over 5 000 connected buildings delivering over 20 million data points every day. With Egain your properties are constantly operated and energy-optimized to deliver your desired indoor climate while using the minimum amount of energy needed.

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With Egain Edge Gold, you get all the benefits of Bronze and Silver with the addition of even further tools within energy optimization and analytics.

> Streamline your organization and use your time where it’s needed
> Reduce energy use and CO2 emissions from your buildings
> Get in control of your portfolio performance with smart IoT technology
> Digitize your building portfolio and increase sustainability and property value

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Egain Edge Gold

Energy optimization

Perfect indoor climate with a minimal amount of energy​. Egain Edge process over 20 million data points gathered from buildings each day and have done so for the last 15 years. The information is processed and analyzed by our self-learning platform and our machine learning experts and takes into account a variety of parameters that will affect a building’s energy use and indoor climate over time, both internally and externally to provide an optimal steering strategy for each unique building.

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Remote heating control

Control and adjust your heating from Egain Edge in real-time from your smartphone or desktop saving you both time and money due to fewer call outs to properties from your own personnel or third-party technician. The adjust your heat-function lets you temporarily adjust the heat inside a building. The setting is automatically phased out over five days. 

Gain total control of your buildings


Based on data you get visual presentations called Point of Interest that are user-friendly notifications of what you responsible for a building should consider having a closer look at today. With Analytics you get access to several intelligent tools and functions aimed to enable advanced analysis of building- and energy data. This will enable you to improve the energy performance of your buildings and provide valuable data-driven insights to your organization about the performance of your buildings.


With Egain Edge it is easy to make detailed follow-up reports that give a break down on all properties that are connected to the system. The reports compile energy, economy, and CO2 savings broken down on an individual property basis and can be used by those who work with operations or to share insight about your property portfolio with other areas of your organization such as finance, and environmental projects linked to properties.

Deviation Monitoring

Deviation Monitoring continuously analyzes millions of data points and building performance with one mission – to instantly find anomaly’s in your buildings.This enables you to act fast in case of anything falling out of your desired values hence enabling you to provide excellent service to your tenants by solving issues fast. Often before they even know it.The tool looks for animalities regarding temperatures, humidity, hardware malfunctions, and energy use.


User-specific alarms allow your organizations Edge User’s to have different types of alarms depending on for instance their role or responsibilities.​ Alarms let you for example set certain types of notifications for each building.​ Push notifications to your Smart Phone, Tablet or SmartWatch allows you to always be updated and in control.​

Smart Gold Add-Ons

Peak Control

Fees for peak heat loads have become increasingly common amongst tariff models used by district heating companies. With Egain Edge Peak control, property owners are able to intelligently reduce the peak heat load and energy charges without compromising the indoor climate.

Reduce your dependency on expensive energy

API Connect

Via Egain’s API Connect, you can import third-party data and easily use it with Egain Edge. Or export it. This opens up several opportunities when you want to take the next step in building control and maintenance efficiency.

Make use of your existing data and infrastructure

Building Connectivity

With Building Connectivity you can collect data from connected equipment in your property, for example from heating to ventilation, to water use or pumps. It’s your choice. The range of IoT products that can be used cover all given scenarios and common communication protocols that exist today.

Digitize your building portfolio

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