Name Victoria Park AB
Type Private Property Owner
Area 713 000 m²
Locations Eskilstuna, Göteborg, Karlskrona, Kristianstad, Linköping, Markaryd, Stockholm, Växjö, Örebro
Service Egain Edge
Customer Story Victoria Park AB

Increased property value. Reduced environmental impact.

Victoria Park and Egain have collaborated on energy and environmental optimization in Victoria Park’s real estate portfolio in various locations in Sweden for a couple of years. Egain has consistently delivered a successful energy and environmental return of approximately 820 tonnes of CO2, year after year.

The cooperation was extended in 2018 to cover most of Victoria Park’s properties in Sweden, where Victoria Park chose to invest fully on Egain Edge as the main central platform for indoor climate and energy optimization. The co-operation now covers approximately 14,000 apartments of 713,000 m2 of living area, which is now fully connected to Egain’s cloud service for ongoing optimization and associated infrastructure for IoT.

With Egain Edge, besides increased operating net and increased real estate value as an effect of reduced energy consumption, it is also a valuable tool for the operating organization. By digitizing and connecting their properties to the cloud, operational staff can monitor and analyze their properties around the country at a distance.

Reduced CO₂-emissions::
-820 000 kg/år
Reduced kWh/m²/year::
- 11,9 kWh

“Together with Egain, we have reduced our energy use through smart energy optimization using artificial intelligence for real estate. This, along with our regional managers and Egain having monthly energy follow-up meetings together with all real estate technicians, we have improved operating profit and created a higher value of our properties. It has also led to more satisfied tenants as the indoor temperature has become more even and more stable“.

”For Victoria Park, the work on sustainability is high on the agenda in everything we do. In the energy field, Egain is an important long-term partner for us, who over and over again proved the benefits that our cooperation generates both externally when talking environmental gains, but also internally in terms of increased efficiency for our regional staff. I am convinced that the Egain way is the right way to go in terms of how the industry and society evolve. Valuable measurement, connected buildings, and smart cloud-based systems make it easier for us and create a better indoor environment for our tenants, and in that field, Egain is the market leader”.
– Per Ekelund, CEO, Victoria Park AB


Per Ekelund

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