Name Almenbo a.m.b.a.
Type Public housing association
Area 122 126 m²
Location Ballerup, Skovlunde, Gentofte, København, Denmark
Solution Egain Egde
Customer Story Almenbo A.M.B.A

Good collaboration for comfort and the environment.

Almenbo was founded in 2001 and now administers several housing associations in Greater Copenhagen. In the Almenbo, there are properties from several different eras, which have to be managed differently in terms of heat.

Claus Sieben Hansen, Almenbo’s technical manager, tells of one of the first Egain Edge installations in Denmark in 2011 at Ballerup’s Kirstine Lund, which consists of 529 residences with a total of about 35,000 m2. The collaboration has gradually expanded and today Egain is optimizing the heat in no fewer than six areas covering a total of 122 000 m2.

Reduced heating cost::
DKK 891 936 (1 år)
Reduced CO₂-emissions:
230 233 kg (1 år)
Reduced kWh / m² / year:
Annual energy savings::

“We are not working towards any specific environmental objectives but would of course like to save as much energy as possible while maintaining a good level of comfort in the residences. This is where Egain is a valuable partner that meets both goals, and we benefit greatly from it. Thanks to the feedback we get from Egain’s sensors, we ensure good comfort in our residences while saving energy”.

– Claus Sieben Hansen, Almenbo


Claus Sieben Hansen
Technical Manager, Almenbo
+45 44 86 01 49

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