Name AB Nynäshamnbostäder
Type Social Housing
Area 34 412 m²
Placement Nynäshamn, Sweden
Solution Egain Edge
Quote "Egain is valuable to us on several different levels. It allows our operating engineers when managing our housing units to get down to the individual apartment level and troubleshoot and analyze. Egain Edge makes this possible both as the tool it is and because it frees up time for actually analyzing. Then we make full use of our technicians’ valuable skills.” - Anna-Carin Öster, Operations Manager
Customer Story AB Nynäshamnbostäder

An important tool for us operating engineers.

The municipal housing corporation AB Nynäshamnsbostäder places great emphasis on developing residential projects, housing units, and building premises in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Egain and Nynäshamnsbostäder have collaborated since 2015 on digitization and energy optimization. In 2016 and 2017 the collaboration was expanded several times over, which we at Egain are naturally proud of.

One person who worked a great deal with Egain’s services is Ronny Blom, Operating Engineer at Nynäshamnbostäder.
-“Egain helps me in my daily work and keeps me updated about everything from temperatures and humidity to energy consumption. In Nynäshamn, we often have windy conditions with a lot of moisture. Egain’s optimization handles this, and we get instrument data and analysis directly on the computer and the mobile phone. The tool feels like it is very complete. I get an overview of my properties and access to visualization of relevant instrument data in the buildings in 3D, which facilitates my analyses. I also use the built-in functionality of Egain Edge to flag discrepancies that I need to look at more closely. The follow-up from Egain’s energy experts is first-class, with thoroughly prepared analyses of the properties and suggested measures.

-I would compare Egain’s system to the windshield on a car. Without it, you don’t see where you’re going and so it’s difficult to decide. Egain Edge is an important tool for us operating engineers,” Ronny adds.

With Egain installed, you get lower maintenance costs, fewer shutdowns and a reduced number of responses related to error messages. This is thanks to real-time remote measurement and full control of the property and its substation. It means that the engineering team can focus on improvement instead of working reactively.

Tips from Ronny:

When you get your overview of the property in Egain Edge in 3D: Go work on the worst and best apartments first. Take simple measures such as checking the airflow on any exhaust air fans, silicone seals on windows, etc. All these small measures result in the management optimizing even more and the savings becoming more obvious. Calculating new graphs after minor measures are not very easy. Egain’s control system does that for us. We now have a more even temperature in the building, and the savings are markedly noticeable.


Ronny Blom
Operating Engineer
+45 8 – 520 687 31

Anna-Carin Öster
Operating Manager
+45 8 – 520 687 12

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