Name Łomża Housing Cooperative
Type Housing Cooperative
Area 450 000 m²
Placement Łomża, Poland
Solution Egain Edge


The Łomża Housing Cooperative is the largest cooperative in a city of over 60,000 inhabitants. The cooperative owns 175 residential buildings of various types, primarily built between the 1960s and the 1980s. It has four sites: Center, Jantar, Górka Zawadzka and Konstytucja.

The buildings are heated by MPEC Łomża, which also owns the heating substations.
The Łomża Housing Cooperative installed the Egain Edge system in 2011 and has since systematically increased its commitment to the system by connecting further buildings. Today around 450,000 m2 are heated via this system in 135 buildings.

Reduced kWh/m2/year::
7 kWh/m²
Energy savings/year::

“The system does everything it is supposed to do, generating the promised 10% savings. We also receive very detailed information about temperature distribution in the properties.

Another plus point is the increased thermal comfort in the homes of our tenants and fewer complaints from residents. As the administrators, we have access to tools that let us carry out a thermal analysis of the buildings and of the costs. Our cooperative has also become greener.
The Łomża Housing Cooperative management board recommends the Egain Edge system as a system that reduces heating costs and increases thermal comfort in properties. Furthermore, we plan to install the eGain forecasting regulation system in other buildings owned by the Łomża Housing Cooperative, wherever possible.”

– Wojciech Michalak, Łomża Housing Cooperative


Wojciech Michalak
Chairman of the Board

Piotr Pawłowski
+48 86 216 52 66

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