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Property management specialists IWMAC, Egain and Cebyc recently joined forces to become leaders within proptech in Europe. The vision of the new company is to make a big impact in the fight against climate change by offering the smartest and most cost-efficient proptech platform on the market. Through innovative connectivity that monitors, controls and optimizes both the use of energy and organisations, Europe’s existing building mass is now set to become part of the solution for the future.

We know that buildings account for 40% of Europe’s energy consumption and that 36% of emissions emanate from them. We also know that 75% of Europe’s buildings are energy inefficient and that 95% of these will still be in use by 2050. In addition, 20% of all food in Europe is wasted or lost in production and distribution.

These troubling facts represent a great opportunity for us as a united force within property management. Bringing together our specialized expertise and technical platforms, we go to market with an unparalleled offer when it comes to energy and resource optimization.

We aim to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Around 31,000 commercial, industrial, residential and public buildings and 3,000 grocery stores in Northern Europe are already daily users of either an IWMAC, Egain or Cebyc solution for various energy control levels, efficiency and reporting. In 2020 the combined turnover of the three companies exceeded € 18 million. The company has offices in seven countries with a total of 130 employees.

IWMAC is a cloud-based SCADA software company headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. Since its inception in 2001, IWMAC has supported companies to reduce their energy consumption and product losses.  Today, the IWMAC solutions connect to, monitor, and control technical installations in 4,000 buildings, including specialist grocery stores solutions. IWMAC also provides a 24/7/365 operated Alarm Centre.


About Cebyc
Cebyc is a leading supplier of software for energy, waste and environmental management. The company covers the complete value chain from sensors to the reports, ensuring data quality and continuity in the reporting. The software brand Energinet have been translated into several languages and is today used at more than 25 000 buildings. Energinet is a web–based, real time carbon, energy and sustainability management system, built to meet the requirements of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, ISO 14064, ISO 50001, ISO 15927and DIN EN 16247. Cebyc was founded in 2002 in Trondheim, Norway.


Our story

Putting people and the planet first

At Egain, we value our common environment highly and use our culture of innovation to create a better planet. We use the power of our employees, products and solutions to reduce the impact we and our customers have on the environment. Our goal is high – to stop all unnecessary energy and CO2 emissions in residential buildings and have a positive impact on the communities we operate in.

The reality of climate change has never been clearer, neither has the way forward. Buildings account for 41% of the world’s energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gases. Egain’s purpose is to put a stop to energy and poor efficiency waste in the world’s buildings.

At Egain we consider the environment to be a key stakeholder and we are committed to harnessing our culture of innovation to create a better planet. We leverage the power of our people, products and solutions to reduce the impact that we and our customers have on the environment.


A better world

A better planet

Buildings account for 41% of the world’s energy consumption and 36% of the CO2 emissions. We are committed to change that!

Our goal is to stop all unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and all unnecessary energy use in the heating of residential buildings.

Since the first system was installed in 2003, tons of unnecessary CO2 emissions have already been avoided and energy has been used where and when it is most useful. But this is only the beginning. Tomorrow looks even brighter.

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  • Founded in 2003.

  • Today owned by Summa Equity

  • Offices in six European countries.

  • Egain Edge, leading software for IoT in buildings.

  • Installed in over 300,000 apartments across Europe.

  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 23,128,408 kg in 2019.


How Everything Started

Our journey started when entrepreneur and innovator Thorbjörn Geiser discovered how big the deficiencies in the climate control of buildings were. He realized that energy use in residential buildings was much higher than necessary. The available systems only based their data on the outdoor temperature to regulate the indoor climate. They therefore failed to utilize the building’s own ability to store heat and take into account other parameters that also affect the climate inside of a property. In addition, they could not adjust the heating for future weather conditions.

Thorbjörn decided to change that. He started a collaboration with a weather institute and developed technology and cloud-based software that could optimize indoor climate and energy use in a much more efficient way.

Egain was founded in 2003 and has since then energy-optimized over 300,000 apartments in 11 countries around Europe.

Our story

We’re working to apply the power of technology and expertise to ensure corporate responsibility, safeguard human rights, and protect our planet. Our policies and practices reflect a commitment to making a positive impact in communities where we operate.

This commitment is also central to why many of our employees come to work every day. Because we know that the more successful we are – the better for the environment, today and in the future.

We believe that being a responsible company means respecting the interests of all our stakeholders. This involves listening, actively responding to concerns, being honest in our expectations and being fair in the reporting of our performance. We are equally committed to our policy of reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

Together, we shape the future with intelligent energy optimization of residential buildings – for a better planet today and for the generations of tomorrow.

– CEO Egain Group AB

Egain Sustainable City Award

At Egain, we work every day to help achieve the goals of sustainable development presented by the UN and signed by over 130 countries. Buildings account for 41% of Europe’s energy use and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, urbanization puts even more pressure on cities’ ability to meet people’s needs. We believe that the road to success goes through the smart city and wants to highlight companies and organizations that contribute to the goals. There is no quick answer. Creating a better future is something we must do together. Therefore, we choose to highlight good examples where one has actively chosen to be part of the solution.

Get inspired by previous recipients

Our sustainability work in numbers:

  • 23,128,408 kg in reduced carbon dioxide emissions in cooperation with our customers (2019)

  • 214,000,000 kWh in reduced energy consumption in cooperation with our customers (2019)

  • 100% climate-neutral company, certified by Tricorona Climate Partner

  • We work hard to ensure good health and safety at our workplace

Want to know more about how Egain can reduce your CO2 emissions?

Our platform

Management and ownership

Management team

We are unreasonably picky about our peers. This sentiment applies to our executive team as well. The Egain management team is comprised of business leaders and industry experts, bringing years of experience to an exciting company working in the cross section between energy efficiency, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.

Trond-Øystein Bjørnnes

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Åkerström

Chief Technology Officer

Viktor Vitell

Chief Marketing Officer

Board of directors

The main owner of Egain is Summa Equity which was founded in 2016 by an experienced group of people that have a long track record of investing in successful companies. The group was brought together by a shared view of the world and the economy, and a passion for developing companies that can outperform by providing products and services needed to meet the increasing demands and complexities our societies face.

Tom Even Mortensen

Tom Even Mortensen

Chairman, Summa Equity Industry Advisor

Reynir Indahl

Reynir Indahl

Managing Partner, Summa Equity

Gisle Gluck Evensen

Director, Summa Equity

Morten Iversen

Morten Iversen

Partner, Cardo Partners

Jenny Larsson

Board Member

Thorbjörn Geiser

Founder Egain

Mikael Anjou

Board Member

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