Creating the leading platform in Europe to manage all building connectivity.

Property management specialists IWMAC and Egain are now joining forces to become leaders within proptech in Europe.

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By combining AI, big data, and human expertise in digitalization of buildings and energy efficiency – we’ll optimize the performance of both buildings and organizations.

Creating value for people, planet and business by connecting, digitalizing and optimizing buildings.

Get connected

Get your buildings online in the cloud. Measure your heating, electricity and water consumption.


Gain insights

Digitize and integrate your systems and buildings with smart IoT. Gain deeper insight to drive improvements and change.


Start optimize

Optimize your operations and drive improved energy efficiency with AI. Become proactive.

0 kg CO2

The amount of CO2 emission we have prevented together with our customers this year. This equals the CO2 emission of


flights around the world. Last year we decreased CO2 waste by 23 128 408 kg.

Our service

Egain Edge

Egain Edge is a combination of a cloud-based
service that gives you digital control of your
buildings and a self-learning optimization of
energy usage with automatic visualization of
indoor climate

Our Platform

Increased property value

Create sustainable value in your real estate portfolio by decreasing energy expenses and increasing control and efficiency in management of your residential and public buildings.

  • Annual energy saved matching 1 680 buildings of 1 000 m2
  • Annual increased property value of 1 billion Euro
  • Annual CO2 emissions reduced with 23 128 408 kg

Egain Edge Gold

Digitized Buildings Made Easy

A quick and cost-effective road map to the digitization journey for owners, managers and developers of residential and public real estate.

Market-leading IoT and Cloud Platform designed to deliver value fast. Up and running within 4 weeks.

  • Non-intrusive IoT installation
  • Works with 95% of the market’s heating systems
  • Wireless communication
  • Smart and focused onboarding

Our IoT-Products

Updated and in control

Gain control of your buildings enabling more efficient management through insights that take your property management to the next level.

By identifying problems early on you reduce the number of on-site visits, enabling you to work proactively and take care of problems even before a complaint is filed. 

Egain Edge Silver

Become a part of the solution towards battling climate changes.

75% of Europe’s buildings are not energy efficient. In 2050, 95% of those buildings will still be in use.​

With Egain Edge you apply a scalable, non-intrusive cloud service to existing buildings and start saving CO2 immediately.​

With Egain up and running you lower your portfolio’s environmental footprint, becoming more sustainable, and elevate your brand and profitability.  

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Yes, I want a demo!

Awesome that you’re interested in booking a free demo together with one of our experts. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.


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