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We are a technology company that links intelligent software, big data and human expertise to provide self-optimized and energy efficient buildings. This is the result:

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions dramatically

10-20% lower heating costs

ROI in less than one year

Better indoor climate

0 kg CO2

The amount of CO2 emission we have prevented together with our customers this year. This equals the CO2 emission of


flights around the world. Last year we decreased CO2 waste by 23 128 408 kg.

Egain Edge

Self-learning energy optimization

Egain Edge is a self-learning cloud-based service that visualizes and optimizes your energy usage automatically. The engine in Egain Edge is a powerful AI platform that analyzes more than 20 million data points each day.

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Internet of Things

An Internet of Things based platform

The Internet of Things enables real-time data retrieval of information. Processed correctly, the information creates valuable insights and enables the development of innovative services. At Egain, we have been developing IoT services since we were first founded in 2003. Our technology is well-proven, reliable and constantly developing for adaptation in to the future.

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Energy Expert

Leading energy experts

At Egain we have gathered the best building physicists and engineers. Their expertise is the foundation for developing a precise and reliable energy optimization system. On top of that, they are available to help you identify energy improvement points, provide energy analytics and reports.

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Why Egain

A solution for every need

Buildings account for 41% of the world’s total energy consumption and the conversion to more energy efficient buildings is simply too slow. Despite a willingness to change this, many property owners and managers find it difficult to prioritize it as most solutions involve a large initial investment with a long pay-back time.

Most of the traditional suppliers lock their customers into complex hardware solutions that require ongoing supervision from people on site. At Egain we think differently. Find out what we can do for you.

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Do you want to know how we can help you reduce your environmental impact and heating costs and at the same time improve your indoor climate? Contact us for a free analysis and energy report of your property.

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Book demo

Great! You are only 15 seconds away from requesting a free demo together with one of our experts.


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